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3 Legged Buck

Old 11-03-2002, 09:06 PM
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Default 3 Legged Buck

First Morning of deer season, Shot myself a 3 legged 6 point buck. He wasnt a monster or anything and I dont have a picture of him, (if you wanted a picture of the meat in the ice chest i could go take one), but he wasn't small either. He was a nice buck for the area I took him in (just one leg short of a set). It didn't look like he ever had that leg, looked like he was born that way. Anyone else shot any deformed deer? I've seen a stuffed deer that has a 5th leg growing outa its back, just wondering if there were alot of deformities out there. (maybe its something in the water haha)
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Default RE: 3 Legged Buck

I saw that topic and i had to read it.
Years ago my brother had shot a buck and it had run. this was unusual for him cause he always neck shot them. we searched and searched and lost the blood trail.we got our dog and she picked up a trail . she spooked the deer that had been laying in hole of a uprooted tree. the buck ran and we never found him. we found bone and blood were he had been.
well about two years later a friend of our family was hunting about a mile away. he shot a three legged buck. a six point and he had some age on him. same side that my brother had shot at. we to this day say it was the same buck. the leg /shoulder area had just grown hair over the leg area. figure the leg rotted and fell off.
I shot a doe once and was tagging her. she had wart like growths on her ears and face. game wardens took her and told me to kill another. they wanted to test her.

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Dominant Buck
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Default RE: 3 Legged Buck

I hope you are refering to a total of all legs and not just the ones found in the back.<img src=icon_smile_clown.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Default RE: 3 Legged Buck

3 legged six pt. is better than a 6 legged three pt.

Congrats on your deer....
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Default RE: 3 Legged Buck

When I was still too young to hunt alone, I was in a box stand with my Grandfather. The deal was that anything that came out on my side I shot and anything on his side he'd shoot. Well this deer appeared about 150 yards off. It was real foggy so it was hard for me to see very well with the cheap binos I had. I told him I thought it was a buck. He said, &quot;Let me look through my scope and make sure, then you can shoot it.&quot; He sticks the gun through the window and said, &quot;Its a buck alright, Boom Boom!&quot; It ended up being a huge 3 legged 10 point. It is the biggest deer he ever killed. Should have been mine but that is quite alright. We are sure that deer was born that way. There was alsolutely no scaring what so ever. The way he ran after the shots, you would have never known it only had 3 legs. The funniest thing about it was that the deer was 4 1/2 years old and know one had seen the deer before.

Did you know that most bucks that have a leg deformity also have a deficency in that rack on the opposite side of the deformity. The right front leg of that 10 pt. was missing and the left side of the rack had a short mainbeam and only 4 points on that side.

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Default RE: 3 Legged Buck

ive seen that before myself about 4 years ago i let a six point walk by and a few min. later heard boom boom boom boom boom 5 shots coming from my neighbors property[hes obviously a good shot] any way after talking to him later he said he shot at same six point and all he found was its lower leg . the next year i saw him again . just goes to show you how tough they can be! also how would he make a scrape?
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Default RE: 3 Legged Buck

Three years ago I shot a 3 legged 8ptr. The guys give me **** on this one. Deer came flying across the edge of a small clearing full tilt. One running shot (lead it!) 30-06 savage with leopold varix3. Down she went. Got up to it and thought I had shot the front leg off with blood pooling up under shoulder. Realy hit the vitals. Guys said they saw the 3 legged dear being pushed across the clearing in a wheel chair. The front leg was completely gone with about a 4 inch stump. When we butchered it, we also found a calcified broad head with over 6 inches of al. shaft burried under the hide pentrating into the rear qtr on the same side as the missing leg. poor dear. had to put it down. ps. the antler growth was very tall but very tight, spread was only about twelve inches. it illustrated the fact that injuries on the front legs effects antler growth on the same side, and hind quarter injuries effect antler growth on the opposite side. I should remeber what this is called but cant recal.
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