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Guided hunts

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Default RE: Guided hunts

The good Doctor hit the nail on the head! Almost every part of Canada requires that nonresidents be guided or with a host. I might be wrong but I think maybe Ontarioor a part of it, you don't need a guide. Not positive on that. Also, likeDD said Canada is remote and only a fool would be hunting without a guide, to at least give you a basic idea of the land your hunting.
As far as a caned hunt goes, you couldn't call an Alberta bowhunt a caned hunt. My guide dropped me off well before light and I walked a mile, litteraly, down these RR tracks and then I headed in to a nice red willow bog. Thisspot was in the middle of no where and I sat till dark, every day. They don't baby sit you!
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Default RE: Guided hunts

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I have employed the services of a professional guide the last 3 years on a wilderness caribou hunt in Newfoundland. All non resident hunters have to be with a guide in the province. The first year was my first experiance with a guide and it was a blast. He was there to make sure we had a good, safe time and in no way did he point us to the game. We were a team and I soon decided that he was simply another hunting companion who knew more about the wilderness than I did. I learned from him and used him as my guide for the past 3 years. He is more than a guide he is my friend and we stay in contact all year. Being with him made the hunt way more memorable and fun. I am sure I could have killed a bou without him but it wouldn't have been as much fun without his stories and jokes. I don't view using a guide in a wilderness setting as taking a short cut. We both walked the same amount of distance and saw the same game. He is now one of my best friends and I am better for knowing him.
Champlain is exactly right , my guide over the years has become one of my best friends his family and mine are great friends.You can read all the stories about how to pick a guide but the best way to tell is the guide that hunts with the same hunters year after year.If a guide is always looking for hunters he is either taking poor hunters or is a poor guide.Word of mouth keeps good guides with good hunters.
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Default RE: Guided hunts

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Also, likeDD said Canada is remote and only a fool would be hunting without a guide, to at least give you a basic idea of the land your hunting.
Not neccesarily true. A good guide can definately improve the odds substantially for most people, however, there aresome that are capable and would rather do it themselves, if the law permits,although success (in the way of a trophy) may take longer. May not. Just depends.
So while there are some areas where a guide is neccesary by law, there are plenty of remote areas that one can hunt DIY and depending on the person, can still have a quality hunt.
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Default RE: Guided hunts

hillbilly, this is true. But not in most, if not allof Canada!
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Default RE: Guided hunts

When I placed the guided hunts in cat with other types of hunt,,I ment as in the guide leading you right to the animal.I should of made this clearer..Some people find canned hunts unethical,As for the stands are in place and they know the deer will show up there. But there are some canned hunts where you have to do the work yourself.(scouting)
Hunting over a food plot...Now a cornfield compared to deer munch clover and attractants just for deer are 2 diffrent types of food plots..One is for profit and survival and the other is intentionalto lure deer and wildlife in.
I have seen many guided hunt videos.Most of them I seen was the guide would take you to spot and wallah,The deer showed up there,,or they put a person on stand and drive a woodlot.How can this be any diffrent from the other hunts?? When you look at stats on guided hunts,,97+ % success ratio on a harvest.More than less areyou not just pulling the trigger and the guide did the rest of the work for you? I guess all these hunts can be positive and negative depends how they work.Hunting is not being successful all the time.It's about your own personalwork that you put into hunting to help increase your chances..
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Default RE: Guided hunts

So if you go on a guided hunt the guide does all the work for you, and if you hunt over a foodplot or cornfeild is intentionally drawing them in... but canned hunting is challenging if you have to "do the work yourself"?

I take it your against the use of scents and calls? As they are made to "intentionalto lure deer and wildlife in. "?

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Default RE: Guided hunts

When you look at stats on guided hunts,,97+ % success ratio on a harvest
Most guided hunts have far lower success ratios.A wilderness hunt for elk,or bighornfor example may only average 50% to 70%.On the other hand a guided hunt for caribou will average much higher.
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Default RE: Guided hunts

Maybe it is only ethical if you have a really dumb guide.

C. Davis
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Default RE: Guided hunts

ORIGINAL: Irish Yankee

Now a caged hunt of 10000+ acres where you pay to go into hunt,Withoutout a guide or stands and feeders and not allowed to hunt within 150 yrds of the fence.I consider this a wild hunt...
I am just trying to catch up on all the posts on, bait,canned and food plots...I do believe that if you want your child to become a hunter,You teach him in the wild...What can one learn about hunting if allways expect to see animals they are after if given to them?? Yes I would enjpy to see my child bag a deer or other animal..Not in a guaranteed way though..This is when you become the guide for them and teach them...
How can you call this a WILD hunt?? You are hunting someone's livestock. The person bought the deer, feeds them, cares for them, and then sells you one. Okay so you get to pick which one you want and shoot it, does that make it hunting?? Canned, caged, fenced, it's all the same, and in my opinion, is not true hunting. If the animal is contained in any way shape or form no matter how much land is involved, it's not the same as taking a wild animal. I can get a trophy animal year after year too if I eliminate all it's natural preditors, and control it's diet.
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Default RE: Guided hunts

At some point a "fenced" hunt becomes fair chase, in my mind. A 10 acre pen, nope, fence in the entire USA, sure. Absurd extrapolation, but the point is there is a line somewhere where the fence becomes a non-issue because the area enclosed is so big.

Where you or I or someone else draws that line is the question.
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