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Ban Jimmy Houston

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ORIGINAL: kevin1

ORIGINAL: johnnyBgood

It's not legal to shoot your chickens or cows?Who said this?If it was their animals,I do not see how and why it would be illegal to kill them even without a liscense. You don't need liscense to hunt a canned hunt.You pay the owner for the animal you want to shoot and that is it.The only way I think this would be illegal if they didn't own the deerthat wasshot.Then it would of ment Jimmy was not at fault for it,because he thought they owned the deer that he paid to shoot.
I now if I owned 20 acre and it was caged and I bought and stocked animals in that caged area.Them are mine to do what I want with them.Be it sell them or hunt them, they are mine and no liscense is required to anyone I give permission to hunt them any time of the year because I have paid for them.They are domestic animals once they are bought and caged. i don't understand the drugged part though?Was the animal drugged or was Jimmy on drugs?Who the hell would drug an animal in a small 3 acre inclosure to make it easier to kill?That sounds way to far fetched to believe.Unless it was a hormone drug to increase antler growth and then I don't think that would be against the law cause they give cows steroids and it is legal to do.
Do yourself a favor and don't move here if you're gonna have that attitude , Russ Bellar is sharing a cell with another felonfor the next two yearsbecause he had the same attitude ,andlike you failed to check ourstate law before he set up his killing fields .

In this state it doesn't matter if you bought and paid for those deer they are considered to be game animals , so you do not have the right to do what you wish with them . You can't shoot cows here either just because you own them because the BOAH will prosecute you for violating the state laws regarding legal slaughter methods . Learn our laws before you open your mouth next time junior , because you obviously haven't done so already. What's legal where you live can easily be a felony here .
Don't worry, I wouldn't want to move there if I had no say so over my livestock.I know my laws andI was just useing one of them called freedom of speech.And if you read the post it didn't say what state this was in.Here something you should try that might help you out some Kev and make you a better person.

Johnny, Follow the example of your name and "be good". That type of talk is neither allowed, nor tollerated here at Huntingnet. I am sure you can find it in yourself to reply without getting Nasty.
Thank you, deerdust
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Default RE: Ban Jimmy Houston

ewwwww poooo poooo
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I'm an outdoor writer and photographer, who is a member to the Outdoor Writer's Association of America. I'm also a member to over 30 outdoor and conservation organizations. I can not speak for all in my profession, but I feel that 90%+ would agree this is not hunting.

I know little about this and don't have a care to. I hunt, trap and fish fair chase only. I make a living off of information and try to make it entertaining. This to me is not entertaining or educational. It's all about ego. Let Jimmy Houston or any other outdoor marketing genuis come and spend sometime with me or my group.

They would be tired, bored and very unhappy. Why, because we work hard, are not always successful (in terms of harvesting) and care our own weight.

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Default RE: Ban Jimmy Houston

That is just plain stupid!! That is all I can say about that.
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Default RE: Ban Jimmy Houston

Haven't read much of the thread but did watch the video. Has anybody mentioned the fact that Jimmy Houston is a babbling fool with stupid haircut?? If not, let me be the first.
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Too funny...fell asleep with the TV on, and guess who's voice I awoke to this morning? Yep, Jimmy was fishin' with somebody.
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ORIGINAL: kevin1
This conversation took place before the start of the meeting and was continued during the lunch break . Fellowmember Jack Ryan was also in attendance , and can verify the substance of this conversation . Jack , in fact , asked Chuck many of the more pointed questions , some of which Chuck seemed distinctly uncomfortable answering . I also noticed that during the meeting itself when the deer pimps were asked any revealing questions they would immediately begin trying to dodge the question and sidetrack the person who asked it .
It's a fact.
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ORIGINAL: johnnyBgood
Jack, I edited the quote in your reply, due to that I removed that portion of Johnnys post.
If you say so johnny, I'll take your word for it but just sounds like you enjoy it a little too much.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Cowboy.
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Well, it does sound like Johnny is an expert on the matter Jack. If you ever feel the need to be AR, he sounds like an authority. And the only way one to become an expert is to practice, practice.
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Default RE: Ban Jimmy Houston

ORIGINAL: longrifle1000

Holy smokes!! I just got off the phone with the man himself. He actually called me. He said that I am the first person he has called about this who has talked to him. Anyways, he says the video was altered by someone. That the enclosure was 1200 acres in size, not3-6.That he could see fence on one side, but nowhere else. And that his video he has of it looks nothing like that. He also said that the meat was tested for drugs, and none were found.
Sounds like he's had some practice learning his "lines".

try this:
http://www.judici.com/courts/cases/case_information.jsp?court=IL075015J&ocl=IL075 015J,1999CV126,IL075015JL1999CV126D1
Click on disposition when the page comes up..
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