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CNN against youth hunters?!?

Old 12-16-2005, 03:43 PM
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Default CNN against youth hunters?!?

Hey all just wanted to say I may be boycotting CNN and hope you will too!!!! I just seen a commercial about youth hunters and "How they are trained killers" and how its bad for youth to have guns. I havent even seen the special yet and Im already ticked off. I think it airs tonight. If anyone watches it let me know what its about. I have to go in to work so I will be missing the crappy show! Dang PETA people

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Old 12-16-2005, 03:55 PM
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Default RE: CNN against youth hunters?!?

Here are the details from CNN.COM. It is on Paula Zahn Now tonight.

Twelve years old and trained to kill. Why the hunting industry wants to put guns in the hands of children. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET. [/align]
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Old 12-16-2005, 04:09 PM
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Default RE: CNN against youth hunters?!?

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Old 12-16-2005, 04:16 PM
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Default RE: CNN against youth hunters?!?

I would expect nothing less from Communist News Network!
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Default RE: CNN against youth hunters?!?

I've been boycotting CNN since their coverage on the Bush v Gore election. I guess the liberals need their news station too.
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Default RE: CNN against youth hunters?!?

Yea I saw that specialtonight and it was nothing even that big personally i dont think that they bashed hunting at all it was just basically about how the numbers of people that hunt have fallen so companys do things to get young kids to hunt and they thought that was bad, thats it. I also learned from the show that there are more ping pong injurys then hunting injurys!!
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Old 12-16-2005, 10:41 PM
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Default RE: CNN against youth hunters?!?

I saw it too, and it wasn't too bad.

Could have been a LOT worse or biased against us.

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Old 12-17-2005, 06:15 AM
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Default RE: CNN against youth hunters?!?

I've not watched CNN since the Bush Gore race either. In Pa there is a bill on the Governors desk that will allow kids to go out into the woods at an earlier age with a 21 year old as the mentor. Not 100% sure of all the details, but I understand that only one firearm may be carried afield and the kid must stay within arms reach of the mentor. It's not just the industry that is pushing for this, but also state governments who realize that hunting in their state generates massive annual revenues. I like the idea of allowing some kids to get out at a younger age. We cansave them before the video games and computers do their damage.
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Default RE: CNN against youth hunters?!?

Totally agree with fight4yourguns. We have to get our kids away from the t.v. and out doing something, wether it be fishing, hunting, or just going to the park to play. My daughter is two and a half. If we would let her she would sit in front of the t.v. ALL DAY. Sure it takes a little more effort on our part, but its surely worth it.

P.S. She is already asking to go hunting with daddy and papa.
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Default RE: CNN against youth hunters?!?

i see the title of it and that it was goin to be worse that i really was, it really wasnt that bad, and they said that the was a few cases of someone gettin shot last year that involed minors, as for that i would have to say that is more of the parents/guardians falt for not checkin and makin sure of the target and also not makin sure that the child did not do the same. And i would have to agree about gettin in to the woods and away from the tv. durin the first 3 year i hunted i only hunted the two weekend of firearm season here in Illinois and it got me away from tv for a good part of the day and i enjoyed it. if i had not been out in the woods huntin i would have been home watchin tv and gamin. My 4 yearold brother has also expressed the fact that he wanted to gun with dad and i. So one day of the archery season we took him and my dad set up the ground blind and they set in there. My dad ended up havein to take him home after about 30 mins. or so cause he got cold and bored. in a few more years i do plan on takin him out and get him started in the great sport the i enjoy hopen that he will enjoy it the same. and when i get old and have kids of my own i do hope that i still will be able to do the same with them.
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Quick Reply: CNN against youth hunters?!?

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