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Default Doe

I was sitting down the hill, and a 4 wheeler just went in to the woods. I waited, hopeing something would come my way. I here something running towards me so I stand up. There were 5 deer's. I shot at one farther down the hill, then I shot at a nother one up on the hill. I hit it. We want to track it. It was way back in the woods on somone elses land so we couldn't get it. It was my first deer. It really sucks, but I'm going to keep on hunting with my crossbow this year. I'll get me a deer this year. I had fun this year. I was hunting this year with my 12 gauge pumb. Very nice gun I love it alot.

I'm going to see about going out today, and hunting.
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Default RE: Doe

why not ask the landowner if you can go get it or just do it anways. I dont think he would want a dead carcass just laying on his property.
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Default RE: Doe

Sounds like you need a lot more practice and a bit more patience .
Did you try asking the landowner for permission to recover the one you hit ? Most of them don't want a carcass on their property whether they allow hunting or not and usually will give permission . If nothing else I would have called the local F&G officer and had them contact the landowner , that usually gets results.
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Default RE: Doe

Just go get your deer. Odds are likely you won't even run into the land owner anyway. If you do, just explain what happened, you shot your deer and it ran onto his property. most likely he will understand if he doesn't he will tell you to leave.
I would have tracked that deer.
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Default RE: Doe

If the only reason you stopped tracking the deer is because it was on someone else's land contact a game warden. I know in some states even if the land is posted you have the right to retreive your deer (with a game warden in tow usually) whether or not the landowner wants you there. I believe you first have to furnish proof (start of the blood trail, etc.) that you shot the deer on land you had permission to hunt though.
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