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splitting the pelvis

Old 11-24-2005, 05:30 AM
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Default splitting the pelvis

when you guys get to the pelvis, how many use a bone saw, or a knife? I use a knife, I find the center of the pelvis with my finger and thumb, it's the thickest part in the middle, then push my knife directly in the center, pelvis splits in 2 easily everytime. I don't trim away theurine sack and track, leave it in place, pull guts out, and cut off at the exit hole. This keeps me from accidentally hitting the urine sac and getting it on the meat. Was just wondering if anyone else has done this.
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Default RE: splitting the pelvis

if I am hunting at my still hunt area near home , I never gut my deer.I hang by the head and clean.after I get it finished,I cut the head and neck off and let carcus fall into tub. then roll on side and remove the loins and cut second rib to remove the heart.
cut neck from head and finished.
never have to worry bout getting urine or gut on any of my meat.
there is not enoughmeat left on the carcus for the buzzards to eat.[] [8D]
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Default RE: splitting the pelvis

i have used a bone saw but a pair of loppers do it quicker...1-2 cuts and you're done...takes a whole 30 seconds if that.....i do hold the urine sac just as a precaution, but it has always fallen out without bursting.
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Default RE: splitting the pelvis

I just follow the contour of the outer pelvis with my sharpfinger skinning knife and pop the ball joint into with the point of the knife. No need to use a saw.
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Old 11-24-2005, 06:54 AM
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Default RE: splitting the pelvis

I pop the pelvis with a knife also. Th spot in the middle of the ridge of the pelvis is the H-bone. Works on elk also even with the size that they are. Bucks and bulls are a little more solid than does and cows, but it will still pop. I like to cut the rear end out and pop the pelvis before I open up the skin on the belly. It makes the job a little cleaner and easier.
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Old 11-24-2005, 07:04 AM
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Default RE: splitting the pelvis

I dont split the pelvis. I hang my deer from the back legs, skin it, then i start to gut it, I ream the anus with a knife and it all pulls out from the inside, clean as a whistle and I dont have to worry about popping the urine sack. When I'm done I just start deboning the hanging carcass.
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Default RE: splitting the pelvis

I tried something the other night that worked real well . . . .A pair of limb shears. It cut the legs off easily, I cut the neck to the bone and then used the shears to clip the head off . . .easy as trimming fingernails. It worked on the pelvic area as well.
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Default RE: splitting the pelvis

The head can be taken off with a pocket knife. I skin to the base of the skull and cut through to reveal the atlas axis joint. The joint that holds the head on is much like the socket that attatches the leg to the pelvis. This leaves me with the entire neck roast and no sawing or cutting. I do alot of back country hunting and try to go as light a possible and have found out that I can do everything with a knife with ease. It really helps that my hunting partner worked at a beef plant for many years. It is also possible to half a deer by cuttin gthrough the vertibrea on the spine. There is cartilidge between each disk that cuts easily with a knife also.
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Default RE: splitting the pelvis

I use a wyoming saw.It is light and compact yet makes splitting the pelvis or ribcage of a deer,elk or moose quite easy.
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Old 11-24-2005, 08:53 AM
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Default RE: splitting the pelvis

I use the Wyoming saw as well.
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Quick Reply: splitting the pelvis

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