in the Cold Harbor/Mechanicsville, Va area. Was out there a..." />

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Got that feeling again...

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Default Got that feeling again... know youve had it....that you're not alone I do whenever I hunt this particular property that s 1/2 dense woods and 1/2 open field which borders/ is part of a Civil War battlefield in the Cold Harbor/Mechanicsville, Va area. Was out there a couple of nights ago and, dunno, its just plain wierd b/c you know that there is no reason to be acting like a skittish little child[X(] but this feeling hits you and you senses go bonkers on you[8D][:-]. Just grip the gun a little tighter and go about my hunt. Anyone else hunt a place like this and get the same feeling at times?...wierd
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Default RE: Got that feeling again...

wow, i thought i was the only one....the freak zone is like that....i found the freak zone when i was on my first solo scouting's where i feel like i'm at home...truly home.
it's a looooong, old, and overgrown loggin' road which wasconstructed during the seminole war in 1837 (?), in christmas, florida, since day one i've had the feeling that i wasn't alone but it's never really scared me....huntnma agrees whole heartily that you can feel a presence out there.
two or three years ago i kept seeing this gray jacket figure but couldn't figure out what it was...i thought it was my eyes or just too tired...every time i'd see it i'd have a deer come out from the exact area where the figure kinda freaked me out but i wasn't complaining cause i was seeing critters.
to this day i have NO explaination as to what i was seeing but in my mind i like to think it was a soilder/hunter who died there or close by and he was helping me with my hunts...haven't seen it since that season but it's something that i probably won't forget.

the secret to not scare yourself half to death is not to look behind you...keep moving forward...the more you look back the more you spook yourself.
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Default RE: Got that feeling again...

ORIGINAL: Ghostalker know youve had it....that you're not alone I do whenever I hunt this particular property that s 1/2 dense woods and 1/2 open field which borders/ is part of a Civil War battlefield in the Cold Harbor/Mechanicsville, Va area.


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Default RE: Got that feeling again...

certain areas give me a wierd feeling like that every once in a while......i dont hunt near anything like that.....just woods that i know of lol.....but ill admit......certain times in certain spots can send a chill down my spine and make me grab and turn on the flashlight till i feel comfortable again.....which is wierd for me......i grew up coon hunting with dad since i was 6 or liked to shut the lights off ALOT.....and stand in the dark while the dog worked his track......or we would walk in the dark once in a while......i had no problems when it was dark.......and i dont think i ever got that feeling anytime while walking in the woods anywhere with dad.....but just this october....walking down a clear grassy gasline thatmeand dad walked down 100s of times together day and night i got that feeling.......and it didnt leave for a good 20 was my first time hunting there alone.......its about an hour and 15min drive from our house so i never hunted there alone..the parents dont like me hunting alone that far from knows im hardcore and will get caught in the moment and can get lost easily up here in the big woods and who knows when i roll an ankle on a log or hole or something...but the spot isnow 15 mins from my dorm at college...and they dont mind me hunting there now that im a little older......a little smarter......but man that feeling that morning........just my head i guess......i been there a few other times since in the dark and didnt need my light for my 2 mile walk in the dark to the stand........
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Default RE: Got that feeling again...

I've never got any feelings, but where I hunt there is an old adobe building. No windows or doors left on it, so in the dark the holes are pitch black. Looks kinda spooky, and I gotta walk right by it to get to my spot.
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Default RE: Got that feeling again...

I think you all have over active imaginations. I lived beside a civil war battlefield for 21 years and spent a year in Vietnam, traveling ground where thousands died violent deaths, and never saw a single spook. I just can't make myself believe in that stuff.

Don't let the boogey man get you.............................................Bo o!
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