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First time deer hunting - bow

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Default First time deer hunting - bow

Hello all.

I'm going this weekend first time deer hunting with a bow (never did rifles either)
My hunting buddy can't make it, which leaves me doing this myself. I pretty much know of some locations I can goto and sit in a groundblind, or behind a tree etc
I can only take down a buck btw.

I'm hoping that someone has some tips for me of what to do or what not to do. What's a good time of being at your location, how do you call them in and what do you use, etc.

thanks all

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Default RE: First time deer hunting - bow

first of all good hunting ,,,bow hunting is really alot of fun and very hard ,,,,for me anyway,,,here in ohio we use crossbows and compound ,,ive hunting with both but really like a compound bow,,its more of a real bow hunt to me ,,we start this weekend to in ohio,,
i would think that a good coverup sent would work ,,,if you hunt around a corns by some of that """ive seen it work trust me """
its to soon to call in deer here ,,,,but right know you need to find beddind and feeding areas and start from there ,,thats what i would do,,,really the feeding areas would be the key at this point ,,,,good luck >>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>brian hawthorne <<<<<<<<<<<
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Default RE: First time deer hunting - bow

I like to be at my blind before the sun comes up and I walk with no light (your eyes will adjust to the dark).walk as quiet as possible. once in the blind ,dont make sudden movement ,try and move your eyes and not your head when looking around. I always like the wind in my face so not to alert the deer coming my way .if you have a range finder, very carefully find distances like trees ,logs ,rocks, etc so you know how close the buck is. if you get a shot, you know which pin to use .30 yards, 40 yards, this will give you more confidence when you get a shot.good hunting to ya.
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Default RE: First time deer hunting - bow

Hello Magnus.
First off, good luck. Remember to be thankfull that you're able to get out.

I would recommend shooting as much as possible this week. Are you familiar with the weapon? It is imperative to know where you are shooting before you even enter the woods. We owe our quarry that much.
The three "s" is a good place to start. Scent,Sound and Sillouette, A deer ( especially an older buck )will bust you if you show any of these 3 "S".

A good cover scent that will remove and mask your natural scent will definately help. Watch the wind, get in early and be patient. The woods are beautiful this time of year...enjoy.

If you are lucky enough to get a shot, wait for the animal to be quartering away if possible. ( head down, broadside is always nice too ha ha) This offers a quality shot with the least chance of being spotted. Know, and respect your range and follow through.

Good luck again and we're with you in spirit! Let us know what happens.

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Enjoy what you have.
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