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Shotgun slugs/hunting

Old 09-22-2005, 01:07 PM
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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

I like the lightfields.

Two season openers ago, I used up my last batch of ACTIV's (well only 3), took a doe. About 15 minutes later I had another group come in, and I had to put in the Lightfields I bought in reserve. First shot, I dropped the doe at 90 yards. That convinced me to try them again and they shot great out of my mossberg last season.
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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

What do you want to do with the gun? If you are talking close up stuff I would use a heavy non jacketed slug and sight it in dead on at 50 or 75 yards.

If you want to shoot longer distances then some of the jacketed high performance stuff works well because they have better ballistics. You just have to play around to see what you gun likes the best. Which can get expensive.

I personally think for close up stuff the slower heavy soft lead slugs transfer much more energy and really nock a deer for a loop when hit. They just suffer in stability and trajectory at longer ranges. I think the jacketed bullets provide more penitration than is needed for deer sized game. Some like that though. It's just a personal thing with me.

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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

I've had a lot of experience with slugs, so here's my take on most slugs:

Remington CopperSolid-Retains all of its weight. You cannot destroy the thing. It will shatter shoulder bone like it was glass. The petals that come off it cut everything all to hell. If you shoot something with one of these, it will be hurting bad. I flubbed a shot on a big iowa buck a few years ago, hit it as it was trotting in the hindquarters. the slug entered in the ham, shattered the pelvis, severed the femoral artery, and blew through the opposite ham. Also, last year, I smacked a running buck at 15 yards. The slug entered in the back of the rib cage, closer to the spine, and angled out 6 inches behind the front shoulder. Within seconds of the hit, blood was spraying from both sides. It honestly looked like somebody had taken a can of spray paint and sprayed both sides of the trail. up and down cornstalks, all over the grass, after 20 yards, I found one extremely dead deer.

Lightfield Commander- The slug expands very well, almost looks like you took a hammer and smashed it. It cuts a good hole, flies well, but the thing expanding so rapidly disturbed me. If you hit a deer with this, I have no doubt in my mind it will die. however, I don't think it holds it's weight as well as the others.

Barnes Expander(by Federal)-Expands well, and holds together well. the thing is made for cutting alot of stuff up as it passes through the body. A very good slug, accurate, and will drop deer in its tracks.

Winchester Partition Gold-Very expensive, but worth its weight. Ultra accurate. I've seen it shatter bones like nothing.

A friend of mine shot a doe with a Barnes expander two years ago,got a complete pass through, had blood pumping out both sides, and the thing kept walking. After 10 steps, it flopped over dead. It's amazing how some deer can take something with that much energy doing that much damage and just act like it was a mosquito bite. It's like, Hey there idiot, haven't you read the energy charts?!? you're supposed to be dead!
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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

What no input from the slug encylopedia?
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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

i also shoot the mossberg 695. I use lightfield 2 3/4 inch sabot. they shoot the best in my gun.I sight my muzzleloaders and slug guns in dead on at 75yds this works the best for me.
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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

longrifle 1000:
Shoots pretty good for being a $200 gun.
Just $200?! (+ scope). I think I'm going to grab one. I was going to get a cantilever slug barrel for a Mossberg 500, but this 695 sounds like more of a "dedicated" slug gun.

I assume they're available in 12 and 20 gauges? Any input on the merits of those gauges? I'm thinking maybe 20 gauge so it could be used by most of my boys and nephews.
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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

Uncle Matt,

That is the reason I ended up getting one. We go to OH every year and I was going to get a barrel for my Remington but found if I added just a few dollars, I could get a whole gun!


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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

Mossberg 500 Rifled/Ported Barrell, 3 Inch Breneke Rifled Slugs for Rifled Barrells.
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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

You really want to put down a big one?
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Default RE: Shotgun slugs/hunting

I think it's a good idea to try different slugs,no matter what type of shotgun you shoot.
I shoot a smoothbore Browning auto 5 and Remington slugs have always shot better for me than all of the others.I've tried about every slug there is and always go back to Remington 2 3/4.
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Quick Reply: Shotgun slugs/hunting

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