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blind placement?

Old 08-23-2009, 08:53 PM
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Default blind placement?

i haven't hunted ducks for probably 8 years(ever since our family lost our farm) and never had to put up my own duck blind up so basically im a newbie..

this year i finally got permission in part of a slough(500 yards long 200 yards wide, 2-3 foot deep.)it has two shore lines and then the other ends runs into another peoples property(none of which hunt ducks. also it is completely full of cat tails. so much so that you can hardly see where you are walking. it had been dry for 10 plus years but with all the rain we got the last two years it is half full again. my plan was to go out next week and knock down a circle in the cat tails where duck can land and put up a duck blind. can you run me through how i should go about making a good duck hole.(how much should i clear out of the cattails and where i should place my duck blind in relation to the hole etc etc. anything you can think of to help me)
also i haven't had any time to scout(just got permission today) and next weekend will be the only time i will have to get out there to get this set up) what should i look for while im out there to find the right spot to place the duck blind.. there are not very many ducks there now but i know this winter there should be a decent amount to shoot at.
any help is appreciated!!!
J Smith
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Old 08-24-2009, 03:02 AM
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The blind should be placed so the predominat winds you normaly get are there to help you and not hurt you.
I prefer to have the wind mainly from behind me or off one sholder or the other rather than wind in my face.

Being you have access you could make two spots to help you with this.

We just drive 4x4 treated posts to give us footing for a 4x6 treated platform and use those green plastic garden chairs. Then we use the natural surrounding vegatation for cover. Nothing really extravagent. The cattails you do cut can be bundled with binder twine to which can be used to help conceal the blind as that is what we do. Just tie the bundles to the rail we have installed all around the blind.
I would look for the deepest part of that slough though as that will be the easiest and best spot to remove some cattails. And it will stay open longer from ice.
If it is really boggy/mucky we dropped in 2x12 planking over the worst part so we could easily walk to our blinds. Again we used land scape treated timbers driven into the muck with a 2x4 support on each side and attached our planking to that. Our walkway is over 20 yrs old and other than an occasional new teflon screw or two we have done nothing.

And try to get out there early to see if any local ducks are suing it now. That will help you determine a place to start.

Shoot now I am excited and better take the drive to go check on my blinds.

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Old 08-24-2009, 07:08 PM
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thanks for the help Jw. surely other have put up duck blinds before . can you please help me with some tips for a good(better) success
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