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Pheasants w/o a dog?

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Default Pheasants w/o a dog?

I was just wondering, from all your experience, is it possible to hunt pheasants with a few people that don' t have a hunting dog. I know it may not be as effective, but can it be done? And if so, what are the best places to hunt pheasants? What kind of grains do they like and such? Thanks.
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Default RE: Pheasants w/o a dog?

It can be done ... not nearly as fun or rewarding but it can definitely be done.

I' ve seen guys get on line and take a few steps than stop ..take a few more than stop .. a few more then stop. Most of them find the birds bust cover when they are stopped as opposed to walking. Have you ever seen or heard of people " driving" them? .. never hunted North Dakota but I' ve seen them do it on tv... they look like mini deer drives with blockers set and pushers .. but it all appears highly organized for safeties sake.

A dog makes the hunt though...
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Default RE: Pheasants w/o a dog?

I suppose it is possible. But why would you want to when you can hunt over a dog like Cali, pictured below?

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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Pheasants w/o a dog?

I' ve hunted for Phesant all my life without a dog and have been very successful. You really have to work a lot harder but it' s very rewarding when you get a bird. I will usually drive around and spot them in field edges or ditches, then hunt the areas out. You have to be careful not to hunt too big an area. Smaller cover is great without dogs. I also hunt areas that have constantly produced over the years. Sometimes you are in heaven, sometimes you come home empty & tired. Thats the fun of hunting! I have however hunted with dogs, and admit it is beautiful to see a pointer at work. But I have also come home with more birds than some of my buddies with dogs on certain days. Good luck! JDinAb
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Default RE: Pheasants w/o a dog?

Gotta agree with my canadian bretheren up there. I grew up hunting pheasants w/out a dog. When we finally did get a dog, didn' t see that much difference in production. But we always hunted hard and smart. Used blockers, and went where the pheasants were. Gotta hit that heavy stuff to get them out, and be very thurough. One tip is to stop every 30 yards or so. It makes the birds nervous. Good luck.
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Default RE: Pheasants w/o a dog?

Yes it can be done and I' ve done a lot of it.I' ve even been the " DOG" for other dogless hunters.But now I' d sooner run through poison oak in nothin' but my boxers as chase ditch parrots without a dog.There is nothing that compares to watching a birddog slam into a point on the tail of a big, gaudie rooster.That is what pheasant hunting came to mean 10 or so years after I took up the sport and if I had to give up my dogs - I' d give up pheasant hunting.
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