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Scope on Turkey Gun

Old 01-27-2005, 02:50 PM
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Default Scope on Turkey Gun

What are your opinions on using a scope on a turkey gun? I got a new muzzle loader for Christmas with a Red Dot and it seems like the same setup would work well for turkeys (especially when leaning around trees and getting other unusual positions). I have never missed a turkey but that doesn't mean I won't miss the next one. The only other thing I use this gun for is water fowl so it would not be a problem to take the scope off from December through January. I am looking for both positives and negatives.
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Default RE: Scope on Turkey Gun

I use a Simmons Pro Diamond scope on my Browning Gold turkey gun. I like it alot. I mounted it using the B-Square mounting system, so I can remove the whole thing if I want to hunt anything else. I guess it's just a matter of preference more than anything. I also have a Mossberg 835 turkey gun that has no scope on it.
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Default RE: Scope on Turkey Gun

No scope on the turkey gun-no need.
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Default RE: Scope on Turkey Gun

Until you've missed once. I love it. I live in shotgun only Deer zone, change to a improved Cylinder tube and go. Nuthin to line up, put the cross hairs on and shoot. Not crazy about any type that requires a battery.

Sight in with cheap slugs, then conferm with high $ Turkey load.

Here's a couple pics of my Browning with a vent rib mount that I made while the boss wasn't lookin.

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Default RE: Scope on Turkey Gun

Or if you are old and the eyesight is failing. I can not see the back ramp of my glo sites anymore. Now why gun sites - it forces you to keep your head down. After all up close you are shooting a pellet slug!

So I scoped by turkey gun with a Nikon Monarch turkey scope.

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Default RE: Scope on Turkey Gun

I fell in love with my Bushnell Red Dot this year...

I'm real hard on stuff, though, so it's ruined and I've gotta buy another one.. The on/off switch is falling off (permanently).

I don't have any porting, so recoil with 3.5" mag is heavy - big time eye relief on the red-dot models, which is a plus.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Scope on Turkey Gun

I use a inexpensive Tasco 2.5x turkey scope, and absolutely love it. I have a horrible habit of shooting over with a shotgun from not getting my head low enough on the stock. Now I don't have to worry about it, and have not missed a bird since I put it on the gun. Also, a lot of people with their super tight chokes now have a 2-3" pattern at 15 yards, it is VERY easy to miss a bird at that distance especially if the bird is moving, I will take every advantage I can get. My gun also doesn't pattern dead on with the dual beads on there, so the scope corrects that.

I hate educating birds with a load of #4's going over their heads, and I have done it more times than I care to count. It doesn't happen anymore thanks to my scope.
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