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gobbler off the roost

Old 02-24-2004, 08:30 PM
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Default gobbler off the roost

you found that gobbler on the roost and gobbles to all your calls and then he flys down. you call again, then you find out he's headed off with the hens to another area. what would you do you next. do you follow them and get in front of them and then maybe spook'em, or go find another bird and then come back to the same spot you called from and wait for him to come back. thats a big maybe. what would you do.
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Default RE: gobbler off the roost

ive had birds do the same thing guys help us lol
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Default RE: gobbler off the roost

That particular day, I may go to a different bird or (depending on property lines and how hot he is) I'd try and figure out where he's going to and make a big (250+yds) circle and try to get in front of him. If you can set up where they're going, calling is much easier and you'll be more successful. Pre season and during season scouting helps in this type scenerio and will help you to be a lot more successful.
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Default RE: gobbler off the roost

I had it happen to me last year, I decide to leave him and work some other birds. Had no luck so I went back to his roost tree @ 10am, he heard me walkin' and immediately started gobblin'. I had him on my back at 10:37am. I'd leave him be but remember where he was and try him again around noon.
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Default RE: gobbler off the roost

...first off,i dont call but maybe twice and him in the tree,but as soon as he hits the
ground,and i know he has hens i realy lay it out fire him up,sometimes they will leave
there hens just to come and see,if not i will return later he wont go far,but remember
this he can be harvested and you get a little lesson in the turkey woods also..
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Default RE: gobbler off the roost

Very often a gobbler will follow his hens in the morning until the hens hit the nests. Then the ol boy will get bored and want some new girlfriends.
This is the time you should be waiting at the last spot you had called to him earlier that morning. They do remember, and they will come back.
I have killed more birds than I can remember by staying at the same spot.
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Default RE: gobbler off the roost

Through the course of the season if you hunt alot this henned up situation is going to come about,wether on the roost or on the ground!Heres a few things I do to help prepare myself for this situation for the upcoming season and the next days hunt!#1.GB's statement of preseason scouting can help immensley here!Hens are patternable off the roost heading to feeding areas and nesting areas and the gobblers will be right behind them!Consequently setting up on these travel routes to and from these areas and in these areas can serve well here!Obviously to do this takes time spent in the woods with the birds, and the ability to be patient listening and looking,without bumping the birds!I know alot of fellas just dont have the time and with this said I have killed many a gobbler by actually being patient during season and instead of barreling in on the birds during the hunt used the hunt as more of a scouting trip setting up the next days hunt!#2.Another thing I do if I know I'm dealing with a flock situation is set-up tight to the roost!A gobbler even with hens will come take a peek often times if he doesn't neccassarily have to leave his hens!#3.Concentrate on the hens.In otherwords instead of getting all caught up in the gobblers responses to your turkey talk look to fire-up the hens with your turkey talk and start a conversation with them!All it takes is one hen to bring a gobbler or even an entire flock into your set-up!If she comes he will too!I cant tell you how many times I've had one hen that was interested in me bring the whole flock with her to some ole gobblers demise!#4.Wait em out!The guys have already touched on this but just having the patience to stay close to the roost area and not walking around your hunting ground can have positive results!The gobbler could return looking for hens and I have had other gobblers come into the area as a result of all the turkey talk earlier that morning!Although its not always the case,I'm a firm believer that gobblers will attract gobblers this time of year for a # of reasons to lengthy to get into,but I can vouch for hanging around the roost area is a great idea in small areas to hunt!#5.This is somewhat a last resort for me but"challenging that gobbler"can work!On occasion a shaker tube,and even a mock fight with aggressive putts and purrs can stimulate a harem birds senses to get invovled!I always add hen calls to this situation also and in some cases in the past have had gobblers respond with swift jealousy and excitement,and even hens too!!Hope it helps....Bob
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