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Longest shot

Old 08-10-2003, 08:03 PM
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Default Longest shot

Feeling bored so I' m gonna start a new thread. Whats everyone' s longest shot on a longbeard, and using what choke/loads/gauge/gun?

Mine is 47 yards with an extra full choke outta a 12 gauge Remington 870 shooting 3" Federal #4' s.

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Default RE: Longest shot

DS,I can count on one hand the # of birds I' ve shot over 40yds.usually it was because I misjudged the distance.They were all in open fieldsI use a Remington 1100 and Federal #6.Nothin wrong with shots over 40yds if you know your gun will make that shot.I just like to watch the bird come in for as long as I can.
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Default RE: Longest shot

I agree with Jim here!I' ve misjudged distance a time or to also!I have killed a few birds over 70 yards that were crippled by another hunter!One was even in the air!I was more relieved than happy and excited!!I shoot an Ithica Mag 10,with a stock fullchoke.My own reloads,2 1/4oz of 4' s!!
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Default RE: Longest shot

mine was also a 47 yard shot. At least that is what I paced it out to be. I took him with a Win.1300 with 3 inch shells.
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Default RE: Longest shot

THis year I bagged mine with a 47 yd shot using: Mossberg 500 w/ xxfull turkey and Fed. 3" #5 1 7/8 oz.. !) pellets in the neck and about 25 to the base of the neck just above the crop.
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Default RE: Longest shot

i will begin by saying i have killed several birds over 45 yds with 3.5x4 in rem,fed and win supreme.these are great loads and nomally i call birds inside 40 yds.however,i started shooting 3.5x4 hevishot this past spring and there would be no reason at all i would hesitate at taking a shot over 47 yds if need be.
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Default RE: Longest shot

I have yet to turkey hunt[:' (]

On my computer game i shot one at 75 yards and another one flying in the air with an arrow [:-] lol
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Default RE: Longest shot

Not proud, but 55 yards, after apparently not fatally killing it with my first shot at 35 yards. The good news was that I rolled him dead with shot #2, as he was running away. I used 3 inch 12 gauge HeviShot #4s, full choke Benelli SBE.
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Default RE: Longest shot

Once busted a tom at the dazzling distance of 42 steps. My bad. I misjudged. I try not 2 shoot a turkey beyound 35yds cause i don' t think a bird past that is a called in bird. Afterall, thats the essance of turkey hunting
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Default RE: Longest shot

Wasn' t me but it was my gun....55 yards and absolutely pummeled the longbeard dead.

Mossberg 835 Ulti, Mad Max choke and #5' s Winchesters 3" .
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