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How many fans?

Old 05-22-2007, 05:34 AM
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Default How many fans?

How many fans do you keep and display before just keeping the beards and spurs? Some of you guys have shot dozens of birds and can't possibly keep every fan.

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Default RE: How many fans?

I am 4/4 on displays...When i get my own place there's gonna be a nice sized wall, or even a room for turkey fan mounts
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Default RE: How many fans?

Right now I have 13 fan and beard mounts on my wall in a spare room. I am pretty much out of room with all the ducks, deer, and fish I also have mounted. I guess I'm a mountaholic. I'm still going to keep the fans of every turkey I kill though. I don't and will not have all of my fans displayed, but I will still have them stored. There may be a time later in life when I won't bother with them, but not just yet. They are too pretty to throw away.I plan on building a new camp on my place, so I will have to decorate it. I have a closet full of deer racks, so that's probably where they are going along with several turkey fans.
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Default RE: How many fans?

I haven't killed dozens, but the three I have killed are on display in my garage right now.
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Default RE: How many fans?

I have three mounted. Then I took about 10 Tom beards and put them in shotgun shells and hung them in the same area. I have three full mount turkeys. One mounted like it is hanging off a tree.

A low budget mount that I think is cool (costs no coin). is to cape the turkey from the head to the tail and let it hang. It shows off all the feathers of the back. Looks cool and is a bit differnt from just having the fan. I will get a photos later.
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Default RE: How many fans?

I have 6 fan / beard mounts...
Some at my place... some at my dad's.

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Default RE: How many fans?

I built a room just for all my mounts I currently have 5 full fans on display. All of these birds have 9+ inch beards largest 12-3/4 If under nine I display on my beard board. Will be missing beard this yr if things don't change real quick Turkeys 7 matt 0 (7 days of hunting on birds every day just can't seal the deal)
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Default RE: How many fans?

I have every fan from every turkey Ive shot on display. Im pushing somewhere around 30...
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Default RE: How many fans?

I have killed quite a few gobblers, but only have 2 on display....my two biggest. When I shot my first gobbler, obviously it was my biggest (22lbs), so I had it mounted with the fan, feet, beard, and shotgun shell. Last year I shot a gobbler that wiehed (23 lbs) so I had it mounted. Now when I shoot a bigger bird, I will have the same mount done. When I shoot a bird smaller, I simply keep only the beard and spurs and display them in my gun cabinet.

I will try to post a picture of the mount I have done...it looks better than a standard fan mount. The taxidermist cuts off the feet above the spurs and dries the feet, then screws them to a plaque sticking straight out displaying the spurs. Then hangs the beard in between the feet from the center of the fan. The center of the fan also has a nice plaque which also displays the shotgun shell (the butt end). They are nice looking mounts, so that is why I only do it for my biggest bird. Again, I will try to geta picture.
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Default RE: How many fans?

I have 17 of them on the wall... Starting to run out of room

I'm trying to sell my house and our relistate agent told us that one of the people that cam to look at my house thought it was pretty bazzar for some one to have all these turkey fans/feet all over the place... I had two fans and two sets of turkey feet drieing in the basement also when they tored my house... I just laughed and thought... You just don't have a clue
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