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Vest alternative

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Default Vest alternative

I've about to give up on turkey hunting vest. I've had a few and looked at many and can't find one that really suits me. What I would like to find is a call bag, something like a gym bag, with call pockets on the inside to accommodate box calls, pot-type calls, strickers, and places for chalk, sandpaper, dressing tools, etc. Along with the pockets to secure the calls, I would want it to allow easy access to all the calls/strickers quickly and quietly. Does anyone know of such an item on the market? Are there any accessory designers that keep tabs on this site to see what the current needs of turkey hunters are?
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Default RE: Vest alternative

Here is what I think you are looking for...


Good Luck!
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Old 12-14-2006, 03:22 PM
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Default RE: Vest alternative

I got a turkey hunting fanny pack from wal-mart about two years ago and I really like it. The pack was only like $12 and it has a decent amount of pouches to hold calls. Here is a list of what I put in it (that I can remember off the top of my head): two box calls, two slate calls with two pegs, two crow class, a push button call, three or four mouth calls, chalk, sand paper, mesh gloves, mesh face mask, small mag flash light, a primos shake gobbler, owl call, a pocket knife, sissors to cut small branch limbs, and a few other little things. It really holds quite a lot of stuff. Not as much as a vest would, but I can carry around everything that I need for turkey hunting. Eventually I will get a vest (maybe for Christams). Wal-mart has been carring these fanny packs for the last three consecutive years now...
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Default RE: Vest alternative

Check this out, i've thought about trying something like this. http://www.primos.com/product_info.php?products_id=520&sid=51c2e521b 547861b86a0be2bbdb0eec2
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Default RE: Vest alternative

I don't think I couldhead into the spring woods without my vest, I'd feel naked without it. All my stuff is in their own seperate pockets, and I'm use to wearing a vest for so many years that I don't think I could hunt without one now.
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Default RE: Vest alternative

I picked up a Freak Seat on Ebay recently and it has a lot or room. It's not as light as I hoped it would be but it sure has a good seat with it.
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Default RE: Vest alternative

can i ask what dont you like about vests??

im with maytom...i have a cheapo i got at dick's sporting goods or somewhere and love it..id feel naked without it..probably going to buy a GOOD one this spring...just because my cheapo is finally falling apart..but i like the vests..easy quick access...built in seat...game bag(i use it to carry drinks and my coat once the sun is up) shell holders..holders for everything right there...

before the vest i used a fanny pack...not nearly large enough and IMO not comfortable..not very organized or anything...just my opinions....im a heavy packer and a long walker..kinda ODD..long walkers usually pack light..but i like to be ready for anything..and comfort is one of the most important things to me when im hunting..if i aint comfy im usually walkin back to the truck. not where i wanna be. but i do alot of walking..LONG hikes to my areas...i do alot of running and gunning etc(no patience! lol) and i like the vests because it distributes the weight of the gear..which is pretty good when you add water bottles etc
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Default RE: Vest alternative

I don't remember the brand name on the first vest that I had but it was pretty good except there was not enough pockets. Then I got the Super Elite II and it had lots of pockets but I couldn't get to them. I can't reach pockets on the inside of a vest easily (short arms big belly) and if I took the vest off when I set up I couldn't find the pocket I was looking for without a lot of movement and noise.Even with the seat on the vest I would rather carry one of those short webbed stools to sit on.

If I had a bag withsewn in pockets, designed for turket calls (and turkey hunters) I would have easier and quieter access to all the calls I carry with little movement. I saw a camo tackle box in a Bass Pro advertisement that I received in the mail this week and that is what I'm talking about except I expect that a tackle box would be too noisey since it was not designed to be quiet. But thats basically what I'm looking for.

I could still wear the vest, for carrying coats, rain gear and decoys and for carrying a bird out.To answer your question, I don't like the vest becauseit requires me to move too much, sometimes in way I can't move anymore (I forgot to mention OLD, along with short arms and big belly), and the movement requires time and create noise instead of being able to set up quickly and with little noise.
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Default RE: Vest alternative

Another thing to think about too is where are you hunting? In Texas, where I live, it can get very hot during the Spring turkey season...especially near the end of the season. A vest adds another layer which makes it hotter. I am not nocking a vest or anything like that, eventually I want to get one, but it is another thing to think about. A vest will definitely have more storage than the fanny pack that I am currently using. I really haven't had any problems with the fanny pack being uncomfortable.
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