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Cellular Camera

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Default Cellular Camera

've been doing research on these for the last month or so.....Picking the ear of many, and the people at both and was going to go with a Spypoint but researching they are hit and miss with many reporting flaws and customer service they all say is not good at all....Covert is good but for the money you can find better, Moultrie cams I have been using for years conventional trail cams without issues but their cellular cams I don't like the pictures and the service is more expensive then others. So it comes down to two different companies.

Spartan who makes the Go Cam, and upgraded Ghost Go Cam
and the
RidgeTec Lookout Dual

Picture quality day/night slight edge to Ridgetec
Videos without a doubt Ridgtec
trigger speed Ridgetec
over size Ridetec is slightly smaller
warranty is equal, both have great customer service
service price slightly better with Ridgetec, between the GhostCam, and LookOut the price for the camera from what I seen is just about equal
Ridgetec goes with both Verizon and AT&T sim cards, so you can choose, so what is best in your area, and like me when I put the camera out in Illinois I know Verizon service isn't good at all, I can switch to AT&T
The person who designed the software/programming for Spartan and Ridgetec is now Co-Owner of Ridgetec
Spartan get's the edge with security it has built in GPS, Ridgetec has a password security
Both have metal lock boxes for them and a python lock is available and I recommend both the box and lock, for peace of mind from thieves and bears, I use them with my conventional cameras
Both can be hooked up with a external battery and/or solar panel
Both can receive commands from your cell phone, you can also do the same with sending firmware updates thru your cell phone, change settings, both also send videos
Many websites including rated the Ridgetec Lookout as the best Cellular camera out

Best price for either the Spartan Go Cam and Ghost Go Cam, Ridgetec Lookout is found on, and the owner Mike is a very nice guy, answers all the questions that are asked. I think I will opt for the Ridgetec Lookout, he's out of stock in the camo, grey he has in stock...So I will wait for the camo.
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BHC , I dont know who Mike is , but Anthony is the owner of Ridgetec. He is also the owner of ChasinGame . Great guy. He used to do unbiased testing of every camera on the market to expose the truth or falsehoods about the bullet points manufactures were claiming about their cameras. He would do that every year on all the new models. Test them for FOV , picture and video speed , recovery speed , clarity both night and day pics and videos , battery life etc . He did not sell cameras on at that time. The archives are still there. TrailCamPro who are also a bunch of good guys who I have spoke to many times ( Charles , John , Nick ) test cameras ,but they are in the business of selling cameras. Their testing tends to highlight the good stuff about a camera model , but brush off any negativity.. An example is if a camera takes FOREVER to recover before its ready for the next pic , they might call the recovery time " just slightly longer than average but acceptable ".

He owned a software company that made programs for the financial industry and accounting industry. Very smart guy. He also wrote the program for Scouting Assistant that logs and saves all the pictures you want to save and keeps track of locations time and date automatically for people that want to pattern the movement of a certain buck.
Then he was hired to not only write the software for Spartan Cameras , but also for their online portal where the pictures are sent to from the camera, and then sent to your phone.
Then Anthony got an opportunity to start Ridgetec with some guys that owned Uway Canada . Uway cameras are no longer made. I own 7 of them and in my opinion they were some of the best cameras made for their time. I have had 4 of them on the same trees working 24/7 since 2012 and still work perfectly. They are not cellular cams.
The 2 best models were the U250B and the VH400B , both low glow cameras.
Anthony took it from there and created Ridgetec . He created his own camera and program. I have no doubt that it is one of the best cell cams out there.
And he is always there on ChasinGame to help with any issues working the camera.

On another note , I would never buy a Covert camera. The Prostaff there have been known for doctoring up their pics to make it look like they are much better quality than it really is.Quite a while back they had a leaking camera problem. The first thing they wanted to blame it on was the user. The real problem was their flimsy cheapo camera case. It would warp in the sun because there was no structural integrity. They didn't have a reinforcement ring where the camera snapped together. Their case looked like what would happen if you cut a milk gallon jug in half and keft the bottom half out in the sun. The plastic would warp any way it felt like it from expansion and contraction.
I doubt its like that now , but still left a sour note when when wanted to blame the user claiming they were putting the straps to tight to the tree.
We had a war against the Covert pro staffers on ChasinGame. Even though those pro staffers are long gone , I will never for any price buy a Covert cam.
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Mike owns which is a few miles away from Anthony from deals with Anthony with cameras, has the best prices........Yes I know Anthony's history with programming with Spartan, and he know designed the program and is Co-Owner of Ridgetec, and even trailcampro gave Rdgetec the best reviews
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