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It's Time

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Default It's Time

I am finally ready to purchase a traditional bow. I have been shooting a compound bow for a year and 5 days, but I would like to try a traditional bow. I am not going to buy a new bow. I do not have a bowshop close to me so testing some out is not an option. I am going to purchase a used bow off of Ebay. Which type of bow should I get? Which brand should I get? What supplies do I need? Thanks for all of the help.
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Default RE: It's Time

WELCOME my brother!!!

But I have to warn you, the addiction of these recurves\longbows can be long term. once you start flipping some arrows its just plain hard to put the bow down, I guess cause its such a challenge to try to put the arrow where you are looking on instinct. I started playing around with recurves couple years ago and now am hooked, hav'nt pumped more than probably 20 arrows from my compound.
As for what kind of bows on ebay, I would suggest maybe takig a look at the bear, pearson or martin recurves as they are good shooters. Get yourself a leather finger glove and an armguard and some arrows to match the weight of your bow and you are pretty much set, Good Luck and Haave Fun...RobinHood36>>>===========>

Oh yea, you might want to watch the movies King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, and The Last Samurai to get some pointers...
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Default RE: It's Time

I hope it's not that confusing! I want to still use a compound bow but want to get started in stick bow. I guess I can get my new Bowtech bow and use that for next year. I will practice with my stick bow and when I'm good enough, say bye bye to Bowtech!
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Default RE: It's Time

zak, traditional archery is not to be taken lightly, it requires a lot more time than you are used to , i am not trying to discourage you by any means, but you have to practice, practice, practice, i started with a recurve at a very youn age and then went to a compound, i have been shooting a bow for about 11 years, and it wasnt until last year i picked a traditional bow up, and starting shooting one. i tried shooting both, compound and recurve, but if you really want to excell in each area, you really need to choose one or the other..

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Default RE: It's Time

I will get a cheaper bow and shoot it around just to get the feel of the bow. I want a compound because I like shooting long range shots and hitting the bulls-eye quite often. I also like the traditional because it would be harder. I'm in a tough situation.
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Default RE: It's Time

It's been several years now and I just moved the compound out into the garage from its previous resting place in the basement. Hope to find someone who'll use it. Fact of the matter is my passion is in shooting my longbow. some people I see around the 3-D shoots are still shooting both, but not me I'm hooked on traditional. I am planning on trying out a couple of recurves this upcoming weekend, but barring any physical limitations that would prevent me from shooting trad. bows I can't see me returning to compound. I hope you enjoy the recurve and most of all have some fun. Just remember not only can you purchase trad bows on ebay you can also sell items you no longer have use for, IE dusty compound bows. Ha Ha Ha

Jim Robator
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