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Default Ben Pearson Puma 62" Recurve

I have just aquired a Ben Pearson 62" Puma Recurve bow and I am wanting to see if anyone has any information on this or know anything about it.

Update information: The numbers on it are -- 703 62" and 35 ## - 28"

I.E.: Year is was made, what it is worth, and if it would be worth shooting next year in archery season.

Thanks for any and all help.
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Default RE: Ben Pearson Puma 62" Recurve

Appears that the "Puma" may have been a lesser quality bow made in 1964.


To use it for deer hunting depends on condition and draw-weight. However, it appears the limbs were glass. Myself, I would cringe coming to full draw with glass limbs that are almost 40 years old.
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Default RE: Ben Pearson Puma 62" Recurve

That's a good site. You'll need to do some digging to find your bow. Start clicking on the dates for the catalogs until you find your bow. Typically you'll know cause it will describe the wood. I found that models from different years had different woods, sometimes!

Need to check the bow out and draw it slowely a few times and listen and look for problems.

I just picked up a 1965 Ben Pearson Golden Sovereign Knight. No problems shooting it. I'm a longbow man and this recurve is downright awesome! Smooth and sweet shooting. Almost made me a convert
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Default RE: Ben Pearson Puma 62" Recurve

I consistanty shoot a Browning Recurve with glass Laminated Limbs from '69. Great old bow and have never had any fear of drawing her back to full.
I hunt and/or practice wither near daily.

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Default RE: Ben Pearson Puma 62" Recurve

Again, it depends on condition and how well the bow was stored for all those years. I've shot some 50's bows in the past few years that still shot great. Didn't blow up even at 32" draw. I've got a 60's Pearson Colt that I've been shooting for dang near six months. It stacks like a ton of bricks at my draw length, but it doesn't complain at all.

There are few places where a 35 pound bow is legal for deer hunting. Check your game laws. Not all game wardens are knowledgeable about archery. Even if you draw a couple inches longer and get up to a legal draw weight, you might have to explain the draw force curve of recurve bows to the judge.

Even if it is a legal draw weight where you live, I would hesitate to shoot a deer with it beyond 15 yards or so. It'd be fine for small game though.
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