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Arrow question

Old 03-13-2009, 07:17 PM
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Default Arrow question

Just getting in to traditional. I just got my new Bear Montana long bow. Its 50lb draw weight. What arrows should I shoot for target and for hunting. Prefer carbon over wood just because, no real reason. Also wheres the gest place to order them from?

Thanks for the help
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Old 03-14-2009, 09:08 AM
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Default RE: Arrow question

I like to use the same arrow for both targets and hunting--keeping it simple works better for me.

I'm not schooled on carbon--not much help there. Just be sure your over-all arrow weight (grains per lb--not grains per inch) is around 8 gpp or more. For a 50lb draw, you want a finished arrow that weighs at least 400 grains or more. This will give you a quieter shot and less vibration.

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Default RE: Arrow question

For that bow, you can probably shoot gold tip traditionals 35/55. You might have to go up to 145gr tip.

I highly suggest however 2016 aluminums or 60lb port cedars. Your just not going to get to the 10gr/lb draw with carbons unless you use the gold tip wieght system, which I have had mixed results.
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Default RE: Arrow question

I have always shot aluminum, and used the same arrow for both practice and hunting (well not the exact same as I usually had some arrows out of a batch set aside for hunting only). I just bought some of the Grizzly stiks form someone. My original idea was to use them with some new 65# limbs I am waiting for from chek-mate. I decided to play with them on my 53# limbs with heavy tips. I have been amazed at how little difference there is in shooting them despite 200 grains more weight. They hit to the same point of aim out to 25 yards. They drop more quickly at 30 and beyond, but for practical hunting distances I can practice with my 125 grain tipped legacys and then keep the grizzlies in the hunting quiver and feel confident.
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Old 03-23-2009, 07:13 AM
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Default RE: Arrow question

I've had great luck with the carbon express terminators, the heavy shaft. Tune by varying tip weight, but mine at 29" like 250 gr up front from 45-50# with my 28" draw.
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Default RE: Arrow question

I've not tried them, but the Beman Classic MFX 500s are super heavy as is and with the addition of a brass HIT insert (75 grains) and 125 grain tip will get you into that 9+ grains per pound range easily.

Muzzy also makes brass inserts (50 or 100 grain) for standard sized carbon arrows (GT, CX, ICS, etc)- One of the trad guys who shoots at my shop isusing these in Beman ICS Hunter Camos out of his Widow and loves them- though he does shoot POC too.

3Rivers archery also sells weight tubes for standard sized carbons.

Yes I've been secretly researching all this stuff.
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Old 03-28-2009, 01:09 PM
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Default RE: Arrow question

2016's will fly well out of that bow. I had the same bow and used them. Finished arrow weight (30") will be right around 485gr. with a 125gr. tip. (3ea 5" feathers)
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Old 03-28-2009, 02:25 PM
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Default RE: Arrow question

For aluminum's a 2016 will work great. A 28.75" 2016 w/3-4" feathers and a 125gr point weighs in at 477gr. If you want a heavier shaft,a 2018 with a heavy point(145gr +)will tune.

For carbons,a Carbon Express Heritage 150 will work also.A 28.5" Heritage scales at 487gr(no weights or tubes)w/3-4" feathers and a 125gr point. If ya go the carbon route,leave them full-length and cut a little off at a time to tune.

Most of my bows are 49-54lbs and another carbon that shoots great are the Beman MFX Classic 400's with a 100gr brass insert,3-4" feathers,& a 125gr point.Mine are cut to 29.5" and they fly perfectly out of all of them.they also weigh in at 530gr

BTW,Bowhunters Superstore has great prices on the Carbon Express shafts
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