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Default RE: Sights

When I first shot my buddies recurve last year I was a bit freaked out, it had no sights!!! The 1st two shots I missed the target at 10 yards and lost both of his brand new arrows that he didn't even shoot yet, I was the first to shoot them...[8D] oopppssss! Anyway I just started practicing and practicing with my longbow and low and behold I've gotten to the point where I hunted with it this year for spring Turkeys, close but no arrow loosed! I bought the bow in January and shoot daily and worked on my form, accuracy just sort of got better with the more I practiced! For me I wanted to shoot a Longbow for the fact there were no sights and gadgets attached to the bow, hence barebow! I guess you can shoot sights, its up to you and what you want to get out of it! Good luck and it sure is fun putting your arrow in the exact spot that your concentrating on! jmo
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Default RE: Sights

Like I said its just an opinion of mine and I'm not knocking anyone for doing so if they wish.
I might have took it the wrong way but, "All in all though if you want to shoot sights why do it with a traditional bow, just stick to a compound then." sure sounds like a littleknocking to me.

Each to there own but I believe a person will have better success without sights on a traditional bow, more so in hunting situations.
We'll have to agree to disagree about that.

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Default RE: Sights

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Default RE: Sights

Yep, the cost of gas sure is.
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Default RE: Sights

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with shooting a trad bow with sights.If you're just learning,a sighted bow will take that variable out of the equation,speeding up the learning curve.Alot,and I mean alot of the old timers used sights.Just look at all the old Bears,Pearson's,Wings,etc that have holes drilled in them.

I've seen many(actually too many)instinctive archers/hunters that would really benefit from using sights.It's really a shame that it's such a taboo anymore when years ago,it was commonplace(and accepted)
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Default RE: Sights

shoot it how you want. it's your bow and if you want sights add sights. if you feel like getting a little more primitive, simply remove them and learn to shoot instinctively
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