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I need a quiver

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Default I need a quiver

But man, they are real expensive. Back and hip. But on ebay there seems to be plenty. I would like something traditional. Any ideas?
Old 05-03-2006, 10:33 PM
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Default RE: I need a quiver

Don't worry about what looks "traditional"--get one that is comfortable, and works. A pocket quiver does well for back-yard shooting, and for tournaments if you don't need too many arrows. Comfortable, practical, and cheap. I use a hip quiver with a pocket to carry extras like pens, extra glove, bar of soap (lubricate the arrows so they aren't so hard to pull), etc. I don't like back quivers--for me they are hot, uncomfortable, and every time I bent over to pull arrows it dumped. Still searching for the "perfect" hunting quiver--I use a cheap hip quiver from Wal-Mart and take it off when I get to my stand/blind. Don't care for bow quivers or cat quivers. Want to try a Simmons rotary quiver if I can ever find one long enough--a friend has one and loves his.

Good luck in the search!

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Default RE: I need a quiver

It would be nice if you could try some different ones because you will get alot of different opinions, because IMO its a preference thing. For me Ithink back quivers are coolbut can't use one because I like to carry a backpack, tried a cat quiver but to put the arrow back in was a big pain in the you know what. Hip quivers(I have one) are good for walking around the range and open areasbut when I get into the woods to me they are useless. At this point in time I have a selway slide on my recurve and love it, I like the weight it adds and seems to stablize the bow for me and I think it quiets it down to, plus having my arrrows right there is handy. Anyways you can get anyone of these quivers for $60 or less, you can also spend $100+ on them its up to you. Good luck
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Default RE: I need a quiver

Saw some leather ones on ebay that might fit the bill for range shootin.
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Default RE: I need a quiver

IMO, the worst thing about archery is the dang quiver!! Never found one that I liked..... Even in the compound days..... I have a hip quiver that I bought at a trad shoot last year for $30.... High quality..... It was used.... I would imagine it would fetch 3 times that on ebay..... But that is not practical for hunting.... Last year I used a bohning compound quiver and just carried it in my back pack..... This year I am trying to find a better mouse trap.... Just haven't found it yet....
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Default RE: I need a quiver

I've never really found a quiver that was perfect for all situations.

I like back quivers and used them exclusively formany years. If they were good enough forRobin Hood...If they're made right, out of tough, flexible leather (and many are NOT made right) they collapse down on the arrows when you bend over and won't let them spill out. But they are a pain sometimes, like bending over to walk under a low hanging tree branch... Your head clears but the arrows don't and you wind up hanging yourself. [:@]Another problem is, if you've got a bad shoulder, it's kinda hard to reach your ammo.

I've used hip quivers for hunting. No hangings, but I've had to backtrack through the brush a number of times after finding myself with an empty quiver on the far side. [:@][:@]

Cat quiversare good,just too uncomfortable and confining for my tastes.[&:]

Bow quivers... Depends on the bow. I like them fine on some bows, but on others the extra weight throws off the bow's balance real bad.

Acouple of years ago, I broke down and made myself a plains indian style quiver. I like it as well or better than any quiver I've ever tried but it's still not perfect. It's easy to get through the woods with. You just cradle it in your arm and hug it into your body as you go through the thick stuff. And it's quiet. My gripe with it is, all the arrows wind up laying on top of each other. I like to carry a couple of blunts with me and it seems like they always manage to be under the broadheads when I need one. It's not easy to pull out a blunt without dragging a few broadhead arrows out with it.

All things considered,I think awell made back quiver is about as good as it gets.

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Default RE: I need a quiver

Take plastic PVC pipe of the diameter and length you wish, wrap it in leather, hang a few feathers off of it, and hook a leather strap to each end and there you go. Cost is probably under $5 and you will be the envy of all your buddies because you are so smart
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