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 Ya all gotta see this!!!!!!!!!!!! >

Ya all gotta see this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ya all gotta see this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old 11-09-2005, 12:47 AM
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Default Ya all gotta see this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the best vidio I have ever seen and I think I have seen them all, http://www.brothersofthebow.com/html/primaldreams.html Watch the trailer. good stuff

I didn't write this review but it is pretty much how I feel about it to. Its a must see.

Heartfelt Review Submitted by Dave Bulla to www.tradgang.com
Well it's here!!! Showed up about Tuesday and man was it worth the wait. It has everything that was hinted at and then some. Scenery, content, sound track, message, heartfelt passion.... it has it all . . . Somebody, Gene I think, said that it should be first watched alone and in silence and I now heartily agree. This film (I don't feel the term "video" fits something of this quality) is unlike anything you've ever watched about hunting. It speaks to the soul of a hunter and speaks out to non hunters in a way that surely will make many think and just maybe begin to understand why we do what we do.

It's not like a hunting video in that it doesn't push the need or expectation of a kill as if it is dependent on a dead animal for success or, as is more common, the implication that because a guide is used that success is somehow guaranteed yet it shows kills. There are deer like you will seldom see on video or in person. There are elk bulging and trashing trees, sheep butting heads on mountaintops, bears on grassy hillsides, strutting turkeys and Alaskan moose. But it also shows the little things like flowers, a dew hung spider web, a red squirrel with a nursing baby, a newborn moose taking it's first steps. A bobcat making a kill under Barry's tree stand. Endless wilderness scenery, pristine farm country, grass blowing in the wind, ice encrusted brush that sparkles like jewels, all sorts of things shown in all the seasons of the year.

But the quality ..... ah, that's the difference. Have you ever seen a hollywood movie that "almost" captured the wilderness experience? You know, the ones that start out showing awsome video of animals and forest in a totally beautiful way. They are accompanied by awsome music that enhances the scenery and fills your heart. They get you forgetting it's a movie or thinking it's going to be a great one while reminding you of places you may have hunted or hiked and then they go and ruin it. They slip the typical Hollywood anti hunting message in. Movies that get you right there in the wild places then show some drunken bubba or psycho killer and imply that all hunters are like that.

Well Primal Dreams is like one of those movies but it just doesn't disappoint or more importantly, disrespect. It has music that rivals any western or wilderness movie you've ever seen. It presents mainly images with very little dialog but what is recited is almost like poetry in a simple yet obviously heart felt manner.

If you are looking for guys doing the whack 'em and stack 'em thing, you will be disappointed but if you would like to experience time in the wilderness from the comfort of your living room, to revive your own memories of days afield, to see some of the things that can be seen from a tree stand, through the eyes of a hunter, to share the ideals of a hunter with someone who doesn't hunt, to experience nature in a quiet, uncluttered, unaltered, yet musically enhanced way, all I can say is you owe it to yourself to get this DVD.

Primal Dreams is a collage of those rare experiences we as hunters sometimes see while hunting. Things that are totally unrelated to the kill but that make the day special. The things that we try to put into words when speaking to people who don't hunt because they are so important to the total experience. The things written words can't do justice but a camera can show without a single word and the viewer just "gets it". I don't know how they did it but someone must have had a camera implanted on top of their head for a lot of years to get all this great footage and I for one am thankful.

Gene, Barry, Mitten boys, ya done good. And I mean REAL good. I'm sure you know that but I'm gonna tell you again and I'm sure many others will too. You should be proud.


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Old 11-09-2005, 03:59 AM
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Default RE: Ya all gotta see this!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's great video theresno dought.
I've had acopy for about 2 months now.
I've let about 20 people see it, most of them being coupound shooters
they all liked it as much as I did..

I have to give it the best video award....
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Old 11-09-2005, 04:02 PM
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Default RE: Ya all gotta see this!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've gotta see it.Gene and Barry are my all time favorites.
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