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arrow tech question

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arrow tech question

Old 10-22-2004, 12:50 AM
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Default arrow tech question

Perhaps this has been run into the ground, but who knows. I was thinking about arrows, and I believe i can safely say that carbon arrows are the favorite. This is becuase they are light and fast. However, if you think about it, an aluminum arrow carries the weight and therefore would have more energy when hitting its mark. Scientifically, it has to hit harder. It is similar, in a stretch of a way, to rifles - a .270 will go faster and longer, but a 30-30 or .308 are going to pack more punch on impact. Scientific fact. I know that arrows are not rifle cartridges, and when you are talking 25 yards, a carbon arrow will pass through fine, but I do believe my aluminum 2213 Maxum Quatros pack more weight and therefore hit harder, though slower than my Carbon Rebel 60-75 arrows. There are tradeoffs, such as the fact that aluminun will drop faster than carbon, and aluminum bends easier than carbon breaks, but they will still hit with more energy at close distances than a carbon. I think since I have 3 carbon arrows and a dozen aluminums, I will refletch the aluminums and use them. Anyone else use this rational?
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Old 10-22-2004, 04:44 AM
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Default RE: arrow tech question

What you're actually refering to is Kenetic Energy. There are some heavy carbon arrows out there that pack a pretty good punch too, but you're right. For hunting, aluminum is a great choice. I just switched to carbon this year after shooting Easton XX75's for the last two. Im happy with the carbon, but the aluminum did the job. At present, it seems cheaper to buy the carbons too...

Your rational is fine. Since most of the rifle shots I took when I lived in MI were from short distances (< 100 yards) in swamps and think forest, I opted to continue to use my late father's lever action Marlin .30-.30. Not too good out past 100 (at least without a scope), but for the shots I was taking, it was perfect. Short, light and the right tool for hiking through some of MI's finest swampland .

As long as you're accurate, any arrow will work...
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Old 10-22-2004, 07:46 AM
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Default RE: arrow tech question

Its not about KE as much as it is shot placement, a 50 pound bow produces enough Ke shooting a 300 grain arrow to completely pass thru a deer.

I would rather have a fast flat shooting arrow.
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Old 10-22-2004, 10:41 PM
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Default RE: arrow tech question

I very much prefer aluminum over carbon for hunting arrows, mostly due to the crappy tolerances (straightness and inside diameters) and rampant inconsistencies (weight and spine) I've found in carbons. I can buy a dozen Gamegetter II or better aluminum arrows and be confident I'll get a dozen useable, broadhead compatible arrows. I've had to buy several dozen carbons to get 1 or two arrows that'll shoot broadheads worth a darn. They're getting better, by all accounts, but I've wasted enough money on the crap. As long as Easton continues making aluminum shafts, I'll be hunting with aluminum.

If Easton ever discontinues aluminum arrows, I'll be shooting wood arrows again. That's how disenchanted I've gotten with ICS-type carbons..[:'(]

But then, there are still Carbon Express's Terminator Selects. Glass/carbon composite, like the old Graphlex arrows I liked, way back when. I've had good experiences with the ones I've shot.
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