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grip pressure

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Default grip pressure

When I started shooting broadheads thru my new bow I was having trouble with them hitting right of my target by 3". Yesterday I went back to my pro shop & they checked it out to make sure everything is in tune. When the tech shot it he was shooting bullets on paper. When I shot it I was getting a pretty good rip. He was telling me that it was my grip pressure-I am not getting proper heel pressure. Does anyone know where I can get some more input on the proper grip so I can cure this. I maybe just having trouble comprehending what he is trying to tell me. I have moved my BH grips to where they are only about 1" to the right with the occassional flier going farther. If there are some grip drills I can do to burn the proper grip into my head that would be great.
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The grip should be relaxed. Let your fingers hang naturally without forcing them to straighten. Avoid grabbing the grip when you release the string.
Many archers go wrong by grabbing the grip when they release the bowstring. It is an involuntary reaction that naturally creeps into the shot and destroys consistency. Focus on keeping your bow hand relaxed throughout the shot. Use a bow sling so that you don’t have to worry about dropping the bow while working on this important skill. Don’t force your hand to stay open, just keep it relaxed and let your fingers hang naturally.
Tension in the bow arm makes steady aiming difficult. Any tension in your body is transmitted through a rigid bow arm right to the bow, as if it were a hyper-sensitive antennae. If you can keep your bow arm very relaxed throughout the shot your accuracy will improve greatly. Consider bending it slightly (just enough to unlock the elbow) so it be softer and act as a tension insulator instead of a tension transmitter.

Go to my website "Link at my signature", and click on the page " how to grip your bow.:

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And there you have it. But also there are other reasons that your broadheads are not hitting the same POI. One could be your release. Are you snapping your release or is it going off smoothly. You really should practice your release every day until it becomes second nature. Just stand very close to your target, draw and aim you bow then close your eyes and concentrate on a smooth release. Pete Shepley (PSE) recommends doing this at least 2000 times. Are you shooting nice little holes in the paper? Paper tuning is fine for a start but then you need to do some walk back tuning, then broadhead tuning. There are some excellent discussions on these topics at the top of this forum. Please read them and you will gain some valuable insight. Good luck.
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I only keep my thumb and index finger on the grip, with the grip settled into that soft spot between them. The other 3 fingers hang loose, habit I picked up when I was shooting recurves. If you keep your entire hand around the grip, you will likely torque the bow side to side or up and down just a hair when you release, and not notice it.

You should have that one spot on your jaw where you come back to every time to anchor your hand on draw. Focus on keeping your knuckle buried into the jaw when you release.

Focus on small things. I know plenty of good shots with field tips who still manage to do the small things wrong. I was working with a young cousin who's a first-time shooter and that's all I told him to do, focus on grip and release. Then we'll worry about sighting in his bow and adding draw weight.

Rev, your website was super informative. I use a high grip with no consistency problems at all (lots of practice and repetition). Because of that I never thought about why so many people hate Mathews grips. Learn somethin every day
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