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Default speed?

I just got done chronograph my Hoyt Ultratec set at 62 pounds its shooting 243 does that seem slow or is that normal for a good hunting set-up
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Default RE: speed?

Speed doesn't mean much by itself. For it to be a good hunting rig, you have to be able to answer 'yes' to these 4 questions. Is the bow tuned properly? Have you got sharp broadheads? Can you put each arrow where you want them under hunting conditions? Is it quiet enough to keep from scaring an animal out of it's skin before the arrow gets there?

I've taken game with bows that shoot a heckuvalot slower than 243 fps.

But you left outa couple of important details if you want a comparison on how your arrow speed rates to others. What is your draw length? How much do your arrows weigh?
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Default RE: speed?

Some guru will come along in a bit and make a guess at your possible drawlength and arrow weight combinations to get that speed but I'm not that good.<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle> This would probably be a very simple question for someone else if we had some other info like:

What do you have on the string?
What cam and limb combination does your Ultratec have?
What is your draw lenth?
What does your arrow weigh?

You won't have a problem hunting with that speed at known distances, IMO.
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Default RE: speed?

28 inch draw length cam & 1/2 with xt2000 limbs have string leeches rubber tubing for peep dual nock with looks like a rubber nock for release not sure about arrow weight but shoot beman ics hunter with 100 grain tip hope this helps.
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Default RE: speed?

Why do you ask? If you want to know if that is fast enough to kill a deer, hell yes! Just a few years ago that was screamin' fast for a hunting set up. It still is for people like me with short draw lengths.

Or are you wanting to know if that is what your bow should do because you are doubting your equipment. Let me give you a some advice that I am sure Arthur will agree with me on. You bought a top of the line bow that will spit arrows out with the best of them. If you took this bow and set up to the proper draw length, a draw weight you could comfortably shoot and the proper arrows I will garuantee it will kill deer if you do your part. It does not matter what the speed is when you get done. If you want to run it thru the chrono just for sh*&s and giggles, feel free I guess, but it really doesn't mean anything.

Is what I am saying is, what good is it going to do you? If you are not happy with the results there is not much you can do. The bow will only put out what it puts out. The only way to get a noticable increase in performance would be to lengthen your draw, raise the draw weight, or go to a considerably lighter arrow. Or all three. But then the bow will not be set up correctly and will be harder to shoot. Not worth the gain in performance in my opinion, when what you had was more than enough to begin with.

Set the bow up to your liking. The draw that you like and is comfortable and with what ever you want on the bow. Peep, kisser, silencers, what ever works best for you. It's your bow after all. Then tune it to the best of your ability and practice your ass off! After that don't worry about it and NEVER doubt your equipment. I have heard of poeple killing deer with 40lb recurves and 500+ grn arrows. Probably got all of 150 fps out of it with 30 ft/lbs of Ke.

Kool high tech equipment is great, and I love it, but in the end you are the one killing the prey, not the tool in your hand.

On a side note, that speed sounds about right to me, I would be happy with it. Your ICS hunters should be 400's most likely and if they are at 28 inches they are 394 grns for the black ones and 408 for the camo, with 4 inch vanes. That is over 50 ft/lbs of Ke and should work just fine.

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Default RE: speed?


I just ran your rig through 'The Archery Program' and it shows your arrow weighs around 403 grains @ 28&quot; and it shoots 240 f/s @ 28&quot; draw. I have seen the bows range long in draw length from the factory so if your draw is actually 28.25&quot; which it may very well be then your speed is SPOT on!

I also agree with all of the above advise regarding this speed. It is PLENTY for a good kill. Being that I have been studying ballistics for some time now I can tell you that the difference in trajectory is NOT all that great between you 243 f/s and a bow around 280 f/s!

Get comfortable with your bow (which shouldn't be too hard) and just shoot!

I also have an UltraTec and have to say that this is the best bow I have owned to date, and the list is long..

Happy Shooting!

Get with the Program!
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Default RE: speed?

thanks for all the replys just curious what everyone thought of the set-up I have
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Default RE: speed?

Hey Tony,

Are you trying to get everyone stirred up again about the fast verses slow trajectory.We had a long debate on here about that some time back and it is amazing how many just will not listen to the TRUTH about this matter.I agree with you whole heartedly.

I have the Ultratec with xt2000 limbs and the cam 1/2.The bow is a sweet shooter and that is the most important thing.The speed is great and for most it is right where it needs to be on a hunting rig.I prefer about 265 FOR ME but I have killed deer with the bows shooting in the 220 range also.

QUIT WORRYING ABOUT IT AND JUST SHOOT!!!<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Default RE: speed?

It always seems that so many people get caught up in the speed game when it comes to bowhunting just as i have in the past. There for a while i had to have the latest and greatest new bow on the market because it was suppose to be faster than anything out there. Man i started out years ago with a Bear Whitetail bow that i was lucky to get 200fps out of but i killed alot of deer with it. Over the years and the older i got I was quick to learn that speed doesn't kill a thing and neither does the name of the manufactuer on the limb like alot of beginning bowmen are lead to believe same as i was. I've been shooting the same bow for years now and don't even know how fast it is and don't care to find out but i do know it will kill deer and i've killed many with it and hope to kill many more. A bow that fits the shooter like a glove and can be shot with both confidence and comfortably and one that is well tuned and can place a sharp broadhead in the kill zone is what kills. Just my thoughts!
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Default RE: speed?

I bought a new PSE nova two weeks ago, 29&quot; draw, 410 gr carbon, set at 62lbs and showed 240fps. Two days ago on an inside range had it maxed to 70lbs. I shot for about an hour. Although it looked and felt faster and harder hitting. It sure was unconfy. When I go back to the range I will set it back to 62lbs. Good luck...

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