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Default RE: speed?


No...not trying to start another debate, there really isn't any!

Facts are facts are facts are facts.......

Happy Shooting!

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Default RE: speed?

Sure am glad someone else said it, Tony. Every time I did, I got my buns toasted. <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Default RE: speed?

Speed is what you make of it.

Accuracy is the most important factor by far in any shooting sport.

If you can get the same accuracy with a faster bow/arrow combination then that's a bonus. But you have to be honest with yourself about how accurate you are with a faster set-up!

I personally like a hunting bow that shoots in the 270 to 280 FPS range for the hunting ranges I encounter where I live. But with the right bow I don't mind 250 to 260 FPS.

Back home where we used to do a lot grainfield edge hunting ,where shots could be a bit longer, I liked something a bit faster...290 to 300 FPS.

Now in the off season, is a different story. <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle> I like to shoot at higher speeds to push myself to have better form. But come hunting season I throttle 'em back.

If the bow shoots well for you then I don't see any reason to try and bump up the speed. I've hunted with 150 FPS longbows and 300+ FPS Hatchet cam burners. A dead deer is a dead deer.

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Default RE: speed?

sounds like a good speed to me, not too bad actually. should work just fine on about anything you could want to hunt.
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Default RE: speed?

I shoot a High Country Majestic Hunter wheel bow at 75#, 30-inch draw length with Vapor carbon 5000 arrows and Muzzy 75 gr broadheads. I get 330fps. Very smooth and accurate. The thing I noticed most about bumping the speed up was my sight pins get closer and closer together which helps reduce bad shots because of misjudging the distance by a few yards.
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Default RE: speed?

Nothing inherantly inaccurate about speed! You must have the correct form to handle it accurately, otherwise you just missed faster!<img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle> My compound hunting rig chrono out at about 307fps consistantly, but my recurve is about 160fps. Either rig will get the job done with a properly placed shot.

Aim Hard!
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Default RE: speed?

Sorry guys. I just reread all your postings and started thinking there's no way Iím at 330 fps. Just now shot 10 arrows through the crono and ended up with a 234.9 ave. (more like it ha) All you speed demons have probably been working overtime time to figure out how in the heck is he getting 330. My comment of moving my pins closer together still holds. When I went from Alum arrows to carbons I dropped down 15% in weight and surface area (reducing drag) and went from 210 to 235. I was very pleased except I then had to go to a double row pin sight to be able to get the pins close enough to one another. Even at 210 I've had pass thrus on deer and think accuracy is far more important that speed. My problem which drove me to the carbons was trying to flatten out the trajectory some to reduce poorly placed shots due to slight misjudgments in distance. Again sorry for any confusion on the 330. I'm surprised more of you didn't jump all over that????
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