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Default Darton...

Why do you guys think it is that darton gets so overlooked when people are looking to buy a new bow... i mean you cant even begin to say that they dont make a quality bow, i shot a marauder back to back with an allegience and realistically, very little difference other than the few more fps the allegiance got.. hand shock was very much the same, now i am NOT putting down bowtech at all here, but for the difference in price i would choose the darton... i like the feel of the bow alot more too, its weird people always say keep your options open yet they always narrow it down to three companies, hoyt, mathews, and bowtech, maybe its because darton is a really poorly advertised company, and dont sponser enough shooters to push their product, i dont know... and darton isnt the only brand out there like this
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Default RE: Darton...

I have shot dartons. There is a staff shooter for them that shoots spots with me and he let me shoot both his Tempest Extreme, and his Tundra Extreme. The Tempest was probably the best balanced bow I have ever held in the short ATA category and would be a great 3d/hunting bow, and the Tundra is probably one of my favorite picks for a spots bow. These bows did have considerable more shock than any bowtech I have ever shot, but other than that they were great shooters. I would consider them just as much as I would consider Martin, Hoyt, Mathews, etc..........I just like my Constitution too much to give up right now. I would consider Darton a top pick though.......I have seen a lot of 450 scores on a vegas face that were shot with a Darton. Eberyone makes a good bow these days though, thats for sure.
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Default RE: Darton...

my brother has one just for hunting and he wishes he didnt spend so much doesnt feel it was worth it. he likes it just thought it wasnt anything special as far as hunting goes.

i bought a diamond this year because i cant justify spending so much money when i shot a $200 pse that shot 277 and won me a techno league. the diamonds are just an unbeatable value i think. with a about a 450-500 grain arrow im shooting 285fps and the shock is seriously non existent in my bow or the other diamond i shot (triumph). i like it alot and think it was well worth the $375 and would pay more if i had to. people just go for the big names and the truth of it is is that there are a lot lower priced bows that are just as good if not better. just go shoot as many as you can and pick by what felt the best youll shoot better with it anyway.
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Default RE: Darton...

For one they barely advertise at all. So if you don't see one in a shop or have a buddy tell you about them you will never they exist. I own a darton and have shot several, but admittedly none of the newer ones (past two years). I think they make a great bow and are a good company to deal with, I love the CPS cams. However if you shoot a bunch of different bows I feel they want a bit more money for what they are compared to other bows. Then again I feel every bow on the market is way overpriced to begin with.

Like I said I love mine and wouldn't mind having an excutive vegas for a target bow. That being said I also own a bowtech, alpine, martin and hoyt.

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Default RE: Darton...

First, as Paul mentioned, little or no advertising.

Second, the camo and finish of the bows is often a step behind the major companies.

Third, while they have a great cam system, they make little progress in other areas, most obviously the limb pockets.

Fourth, they are not quite up to several other companies when it comes to shot feel and noise.

That said, I think they make a very good bow. All of the many Dartons I have owned have been great shooting bows. The Tundra I have now is probably the best shooting bow I've ever owned, and I've had 4 Mathews and 4 Bowtechs. With the right Sims stuff and stabilizer, it is pretty quiet. Still, I recently bought a McPherson Edge. Basically the same cams, performance, and accuracy as the Tundra, and it is so quiet and vibration free than when I tried the STS on it, it just made the bow louder. I think the Pearson line is like having your cake and eating it too. CPS system-easy draw and tuning with good performance, and whisper quiet, shock free shooting.
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Default RE: Darton...

Back in the '80s, Dartons were real popular. I read somewhere once, thatthe Darton SL-50 was the top selling compound bow for almost10 years!
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Default RE: Darton...

well its good to know that people know all about them any way...

and i have to agree about the limb pocket thing, they are quite far behind there, lotsa creaks and grones...

thanks guys
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Default RE: Darton...

It is kinda amazing that they have ignored the pockets, but they were the first to attach cam to cam...go figure..

P.S. first bow a mid 80's MX-60 still killin when called upon
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Default RE: Darton...

Face it darton dosent have to sell bows to make money , royalties on their cam systems alone make them serious money , with all the manufactures except mathews useing/paying .

That said darton is still making the mavric extreme an excelent bow , taking after the mavric express another excelent bow , I have tryed some of their newer risors and still favor the old mavric
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Default RE: Darton...

The last compound that I bought was a Darton Tundra Extreme (don't think I'll ever buy another compound though), very nice bow. In Elk camp 2004 Iwas able to shoot a 2" group at 50 yards right in the vitals of an elk 3-d target (three arrows) with it. Good thing I had witnesses for that one.
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