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Darton bow

Old 12-07-2006, 12:25 PM
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Default Darton bow

I have shot a Darton since 2000. I love that bow and recommend them to anyone. My thought is, why don't more people shoot Dartons? Darton makes affordable bows, quality bows, and they originated the so called cam and 1/2 when they came out with their CPS system about 10 years ago. Every hybrid cam around today is modeled after the original Darton CPS desine. I would like to get some oppinoins about this. Thanks guys and girls.
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Old 12-07-2006, 12:28 PM
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Default RE: Darton bow

They don't put the money into marketing or into hiring top guns to shoot their products at the elite level. Their sales manager has said that in 07' they will nearly double marketing $$$ and they are now releasing binary style cam bows as well so I expect them to grow significantly. If they redisign to a pivoting limb pocket for their pro series bow they will have an outstanding product this year.
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Default RE: Darton bow

what is a binary cam bow...i thought i knew them all, guess not
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Default RE: Darton bow

Yup, it's all in the marketing. The only compound that I have left is a Tundra Extreme. While I was in elk camp a few years back I was able to shoot a three arrow 2" group at 50 yards with it at an elk 3-d target. Even had eight witnesses (most of my best groups seem to come with no witnesses for some reason ). Anyway, I think that trip was the last time I picked that bow up (or any compound).
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Old 12-07-2006, 02:13 PM
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Default RE: Darton bow

Yeah, you dont hear much about darton
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Old 12-07-2006, 02:49 PM
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Default RE: Darton bow

Hldeerhunter: I've shot a Darton for the past 5 years. Love my Darton Maverick. Unfortunately, with the new models coming out the Maverick will no longer be made. I had shot a PSE for 25 years. I drew the Maverick one time in Len's shop when I first went there to buy a deer stand. Never did buy the stand but walked out after ordering a new Darton.[&:] It's just what everyone said, marketing and not paying for the big guns.

Short story to show you how steadfast they've been in the past. Our local weather man here is a world class finger shooter. He's bought more bows than I have arrows.He always goes back to the Darton when it's tournament time. He's won the National in his class 2 or 3 times in a row andjust about anything he enters. Maybe the world once/?? Not sure. He was hurt and couldn't shoot this year.

Anyway, Len said to Darton. You've got a world class shooter here using your stuff and winning it all. How about sponsoring him. Well they discussed it at headquarters and said that maybe they could give him some arrows. That was it. And then when he told what arrows he wanted they bawked saying something about there being cheaper arrows. LOL YUP, true story. Now Mathews would give him a car, house, several grand a year and a parade, but he loves his Darton.

I just checked his bio.... he's won the Nationals 4 times.

Here's a link.
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Old 12-07-2006, 02:51 PM
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Default RE: Darton bow

I agree with Rick James. They just dont put the money into marketing...They probably put a lot of money into R&D. Personally i havent heard alot about Dartons
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Default RE: Darton bow

I was unaware of that. Thanks for the info.

All I know is that I love my darton and I don't plan on shooting anything else. Oh yeah, a heads up for you too. I have been talking to a Darton rep and he told me about one of their new 2007 bows. Parallel limbs, brand new CPS, accomodates short to long draw lengths, suppose to shoot in the 315-320 fps. From what I was told it is not an amateur bow, but rather for someone that is a seasoned shooter.
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Default RE: Darton bow

My darton still does a great job.
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Default RE: Darton bow

I love my Darton and I'm glad they pour moneyinto R&D and not marketing. But balking at arrow prices for a sponsorship like that is penny wise/pound foolish IMO. Just goes to show that the best people at doing something aren't always the best people at marketing it.
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