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pointer commands

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Default pointer commands

Im training a pointer for the first time and am wondering what commands are generally used to hunt with a pointer. What can you tell me and what commands do you use with your dog. Thank ahead of time.
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Default RE: pointer commands

The first command and the most important is recall or 'come'/'dogs name'/'here'/etc. whatever you prefer to use. From there you want to teach it 'woah' or 'hold' for steadying later. 'Fetch' if you need the dog to fetch. I prefer not to force my dog to fetch; I can always bend down and pick it up. Reason - I want the outing to be fun and if the dog runs and retrieves it then the more happy we both will be (the natural retrieve).

Every other command is used for manners. A good manner dog will usually heel by his master side and not pulling his arms out of his socket. 'Sit' can be taught as well but alot of field trailers don't because sometimes when the dog's on point, yelling 'woah', the dogwill do instinctively the first thing without thinking which is sitting.

Get yourself a good training book. Joan Bailey, 'How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves'philosophy is good but there are a few things I woulddisagree on. Mainly, banging pots and pans andlifting the dog by the collar inorder for it to dropa bird. There are much better ways to introduce loud noises and blowing in a dogs ear will also make him release whatever he's holding.

Baileycomes from a versatile breed background and the book catered towards it. But its a very good read fora dog thats less than 1 yr old. You can use this book to get a basic idea of what a dog is thinking but for actual training program the best one I know so far is Delmar Smith, 'BestWay to TrainYour Gun Dog'. Huntsmith also has DVDs based upon Delmar's method -'PuppyDevelopment Video I & II, SilentCommand System'. So far is because they don't explain exactly why they are doing it. Another is the use of the chain gang. It's suppose to take the fight outof the dog and make training easier but I'mwondering if we should keepit.
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Default RE: pointer commands

There is an organization for the continental pointing breeds with chapters located throughout the USA and Canada. They are there to help train you to train your won dog. - Look for the chapter locator page to see if you hve one close by. Might be worth your time to check them. They also have the "Green Book" which explains how to train these commands.

Mite has given you the basics to what I do with my pointing dogs. Only thing I can add is keep your commands single - and in a positive voice.
I do force fetch all my dogs - some are easy - some are not - but all are finished and rtv happily ever after! Don't have a happy dog doing the rtv - you have not finsihed your training correctly for the rtv or any other aspect for that matter. For FF I do not say hold - it is fetch and that is it. Fetch means hold it.

So in general - I teach, NO, quiet, kennel, here, heel, sit, stay, down, whoa, fetch, out, &back,(yesI do duck hunt) in about that order. All my training is with praise and lots of it along with treats. I also train to both voice, whistle, and hand commands as late season birds are skittish and I might NOT say two words to the dog he whole day other than a bit of praise to a bird brought in.

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Default RE: pointer commands

This is basics I just gave to new owner of one of my dogs

Sweet Point ‘BOWIE’[/i]
Sweet Point Kennel

Commands Used

H-Up[/b] – To bring dog forward of the hunter in the desired V- slot (if dog is [/b]
behind or too far to side).[/b]

Hut [/b]– get dogs attention to change direction of dog. When versed in this
command dog will keep changing until you stop giving command
(i.e. when he heads where you want him). Until then or in place
hand signals used to show dog direction wanted.

Whoa – The most important command. To keep dog from breaking point or
busting in on another dogs point. Dog should be worked on this on
a regular basis. He should stop and go on point at this command
and the report of gunfire and not move until released.

OK – Used to release a dog from whoa position. Often this is in conjunction
with a tap on the butt/hind qrtrs but can be used if dog is in brush on
false point (old scent or bird has moved) and no bird can be found (so
dog can relocate bird) and dog cannot be reached.

Go - Generally only used on the initial release of the dog for the day or when
transported to a new area by vehicle. First you must whoa the dog, (this
reminds him its your hunt not his and he cannot start until YOU say so,
and is a good refresher just before a hunt.)

Leave It – Another important command which should be reinforced on a
regular basis, it could save a life. This is used to get a dogs
attention off of anything you do not desire his attention on. Ex.
Released training bird, nosing or pointing rodents, other dogs,
Deer Chasing, trash, etc.

Release – Used for dog to drop or let go of retrieved object or object in mouth.

1 of 2

Commands Used cont.

Dead Bird – When birds is shot and on ground.

Fetch – Used to release dog from point to retrieve shot bird.

Here – To guide dog back to you at any time or with retrieved bird.
Dog will also come to straight horn type whistle (no pea) or beeper on
collar activated by remote.

Go Pee – Used when dog is put out from house or being brought in. To get dog
go the bathroom on command. Good to get dog to empty for long

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Default RE: pointer commands

As a Navhda-trained man myself, I'm pretty much down to the same commands as JW. I have a brother in law with a stellar black lab and she's a duck getter so I have been lax on the out and back commands to date with my pudelpointer, as she rarely comes along.
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