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Default RE: pointer commands

There is an organization for the continental pointing breeds with chapters located throughout the USA and Canada. They are there to help train you to train your won dog. - Look for the chapter locator page to see if you hve one close by. Might be worth your time to check them. They also have the "Green Book" which explains how to train these commands.

Mite has given you the basics to what I do with my pointing dogs. Only thing I can add is keep your commands single - and in a positive voice.
I do force fetch all my dogs - some are easy - some are not - but all are finished and rtv happily ever after! Don't have a happy dog doing the rtv - you have not finsihed your training correctly for the rtv or any other aspect for that matter. For FF I do not say hold - it is fetch and that is it. Fetch means hold it.

So in general - I teach, NO, quiet, kennel, here, heel, sit, stay, down, whoa, fetch, out, &back,(yesI do duck hunt) in about that order. All my training is with praise and lots of it along with treats. I also train to both voice, whistle, and hand commands as late season birds are skittish and I might NOT say two words to the dog he whole day other than a bit of praise to a bird brought in.

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