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Suggestion on Type of Pheasant Dog?

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Suggestion on Type of Pheasant Dog?

Old 12-31-2007, 03:27 PM
Fork Horn
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Default Suggestion on Type of Pheasant Dog?

Here is my dilema. I had a lab for 13 years and had to put her down last summer. I am ready for another, but my wife wants a dog that does not shed (at least not as bad as a lab) because it will be an inside dog. I want it to be able to hunt pheasants. What breeds of dogs don't shed?

How are GSP's, Weimereiners (guess I should learn how to spell it before I get serious about getting one of those) or Brittany Spaniels (any spaniel for that matter)

I appreciate the input. I have grown up with and only owned Labs so my knowledge of other breeds is limited.
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Old 12-31-2007, 04:55 PM
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Default RE: Suggestion on Type of Pheasant Dog?

GSP's shed. Very Energetic for indoors (not recommended for indoors). Great dog though for Pheasants or any upland.

Drahthaar's or the German Wirehair Pointer. They are shedders, Very active indoors (not recommended for indoors). Great dogs for almost any purpose, upland or waterfowl.

Weimaraner's are much like GSP's. Shed, active indoors, great upland dogs.

Brittany's are shedders, and EXTREMELY active for indoors. They are wonderful dogs. They bounce off the walls in a house though.

Boykin Spaniels do not shed, and if they do at all it is very minimal. They are good inside. Very inteligent. However, they are better suited to flushing and retrieveing than pointing.

English Pointers shed, high strung, not too good inside. Good bird dogs.

Setters shed, probably ok indoors. Great Bird dogs.

Labs of course shed like no other, but are great inside and great dogs.

Springer spaniels constantly shed, but are good inside and good pheasant dogs.

The choice is yours. Get a good vacuum and dont look back, decide based on the dog that suits your needs, vacuuming hair isnt so bad.
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Old 12-31-2007, 05:40 PM
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Default RE: Suggestion on Type of Pheasant Dog?

All dogs shed. Those with shorter coats shed the most. If you want a versitile hunting companion and family pet then you will need to have the Mrs. involved in the selection of the breed.
I have 3 field bred springers. We have tile and carpet. They are crated in our home office/trophy room. I have a x-pen rug under the 3 crates, it helps keep down on the spills and hair under the crates.
I don't "clip" my dogs. I use a stripping knife (shedding tool). I keep their ears shaved on the underside, make a tidy trail on the back end and keep their feet tidy. We have friends with field bred cockers and their one cat sheds more than their two dogs.

Females tend to have less coat than males. Indoor dogs will typically have less coat too.

There are a lot of great breeds out there. Pick a few, visit responsible breeders or trainers and see what you like. If you want springer or cocker referrals let me know.

www.essfta.org this is our national club and can put you in touch with responsible breeders and trainers.
www.essft.com has some great links for spaniels as well.
and always www.akc.org can help you find links to local clubs.
Field trials will be starting back up soon and that's a great way to see some different breeds at work. That's how we got hooked.

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