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Cur Question

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Default Cur Question

Hello to all,
I have some questions about Cur's. I have been studing about Mountain Curs and Blackmouth Curs. I am looking for a new dog and the curs have caught my attention and am trying to find out if a cur breed is the best for me and my family.
I live on 52 acres in S.W. Montana bordering the Bitterroot National Forest. I have had several breeds over the years and all my dogs become constant companions. About two years ago after the demise of my last dog(a Doberman) I looked to get a new dog. I studied and narrowed it down to a rhodesian ridgeback, American Pitt Bull Terrier and a Rottweiller. Talking to ridgeback breeders, I shyed away because the breeders told me that because of all the elk, deer, and other game as well a neiboring cattle ranches the ridgebacks have a tendency to wander off and could get shot(dogs are fair game up here). The Pit, which seems like a very intellegent a loyal breed, my wife boycotted because of the reputation.
Anyway, I decided on the Rottweiller. I did much research on breeders as I wanted a good all purpose dog with good genetics for hearding, hunting, trailriding and family protection. I purchased a German rottweiller as an 8 week old puppy that's grandfather was Igor Von Mussendorf the #1 French ring champion Rottweiller ever. All his other bloodlines are also hearding, cart pulling, police protection and Sch III.
I have worked with him since a puppy and he has filled the bill to a tee. The only exception is I am the only one that can handle him. He quickly grew to 115 pounds and is of a very dominant nature. My wife and children are scared of him as he growls and will nip at them if he is in the mood that he does not want to be touched. I have tried correction and tried to break him with choke collar and physical correction and he does not change.I am getting to the point if I don't know if I can trust him around my family. He goes beserk even if I am wrestling with my kids or hugging my wife. So, I am in the process of placing him in a different home.
With all that said, and a brief history. Would a Cur be a proper choice for me and the family? I don't need another attack dog(that was not my intention with the Rott) I have guns for that. I do want a dog that is a good family protector though, that will heard, trailride, hunt and be loyal and notwonder off.
Thank you in advance for any replies.

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Default RE: Cur Question

I have two Original Mountain Curs, and I would say they fit the bill of what you are looking for. However, I don't advise letting one have free range all the time because they will range out to hunt. They genetically can't really help it. My advise is to keep them kenneled when not with you or in a fenced in yard because they will go hunt usually. They are, however, great protectors and they seem to get attached to the ones they are around most. You'd just need to make sure your family messes with them a lot, just like any pup. My guess is that they'd let a kid tug all over them and be really good about it. That is the way my dogs are with puppies, but they aren't around kids much. When they are, I feel like they can be trusted. However, the female plays a bit rough. My male OMC is about as gentle as they get but he will kill a critter if he gets the right chance. Mine are used as squirrel dogs and I think I will never be without a mountain cur again. The story of Old Yeller describes a cur, even though the movie portrays him as lab-like dog. I might be placing my female in a new home because she doesn't seem to hunt just the way I like, but that is a preference thing completely. The good thing about mountain curs, at least Original Mountain Curs, is that they are so diversified and you can probably find just what you need. Some guys really get after wild hogs with them, and others really get after small game like coons and squirrels. I also know of some guys out West that use them on big cats. They just do a lot of things and they are tough. You can also find them that stay at about 35-40 lbs or you can find them up to probably 65 pounds--just the right size to be a gritty dog and great companion. I really like my mountain curs. I don't have one of the male yet but I can get one if you'd like to see him. You can find these dogs in variations of yellow/red, brindle, black, blue and some with black, tan and white. White on Original Mountain Curs should not exceed 1/3 of the body, which basically translates to no open white spots behind the shoulder. Undersides can be white.Check out for more on curs than you could ask for. -MIKE
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Default RE: Cur Question

Thanks for the reply, I am trying to learn about the different stocks, i.e. Kemmer, Original & Mountain View.
Would it be better to find a breeder out west, where the dogs are more into bigger game and less treeing is needed? I do not know if it matters or not if I get a dog that from the east that has been bred more for treeing coons. Or, would a western bred Mountain Cur be bigger in size that an eastern bred dog?
I'm coming to think that a Kemmer might be better for what I'm looking for. However, I might be wrong.

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Default RE: Cur Question

You aren't going to find many cur breeders out west. The vast majority of them are east of the Mississippi.
If big game is your tartget you may want to look into the Black Mouth Curs, or the Leopard Curs. Bigger, gritty dogs. Very aggresive towards furred game. But may not be as "domesticated" and docile as the Mountain Curs. I've seen Mountain Curs that were as good a housedogs as any Lab. Yet would still hunt like crazy.
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Default RE: Cur Question

Does anyone know if a Blackmouth and a Mountain Cur have ever been crossbred and if so what kind of dog was produced(disposition, tempermant wise)? The Blackmouth might be better suited for my needs, based on what I am reading. I like the look of the Mountain, though.

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Default RE: Cur Question

Hey Hatchet I have a blackmouth Cur and he is a very good dog, I have him in the backyard with my bloodhound and together they chew up anything in sight and when it comes dinner time they will fight over the food if I don't seperate them, We have noticed that here lately he has been getting pretty touchy and temperment.. But he's still a good dog..
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Default RE: Cur Question

Thank you everyone for the replies. I have narrowed down a breeder for a Mountain Cur and a breeder for a Blackmouth. I am actually considering getting one of each. For each particular breed in question, which would be better, male or female?
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