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What Bullet For Yotes?

Old 09-19-2004, 06:01 PM
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Default What Bullet For Yotes?

using a .22-250 what is the best ammo/bullet to use on yotes?
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Default RE: What Bullet For Yotes?

Try 55gr Sierra Gameking Hollow Point Boat Tails. They shoot well out of my 223 with minimal damage to hide.
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Default RE: What Bullet For Yotes?

Any V-Max bullet that shoots well will work great on coyotes. I've found that the pelt damage is minimal, and they absolutely bowl game over.

I shoot the Black Hills 55gr V-max's out of my 223 and I've hit a couple yotes that dropped instantly. Neither was visibly damaged.
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Default RE: What Bullet For Yotes?

In my .223, I have the best results with 40 grain moly coated V-Max from Hornady. I also have good results with the 50 grain V-Max. Both drop coyotes dead, but fragment so that there is no apparent exit wound. They are also very forgiving. Even with poor shot placement ever now and then, the end result is still a dead coyote. My gun won't shoot the nice little clover leaf at 100 with larger bullets, so I have never used them that much. When I first got my gun, I sighted it in and then shot a box of each of seven types of ammo. Four 3 shot rounds at paper, and the remainder at varmints. From my gun, the V-Max shot the best on paper and made the cleanest kills in the field. Guns and Ammo got the same results in a test they did comparing varmint guns and ammo on paper. Their Browning liked the same ammo mine did. But remember, this is my gun, and yours may be different. With the exception of FMJ, I would shoot a few of each on paper and then use the one your gun shoots best.
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Default RE: What Bullet For Yotes?

I found a 50 grain speer TNT hollow point out of a .223 or 22-250 to be the best. hits them like a freight train yet they expand so fast they tend to fragment and not exit therefore all of the bullets energy is utilized into knock down power and anchors the yote very well. I reload these, but federal makes a factory loading.
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Default RE: What Bullet For Yotes?

deerslayer223- i also like the gamekings.

here is what i have found to happen with the v max bullets. i shot 12 yotes with a 58 gain v max out of my 243... 3 times they blew up on entrance and never got 2 inches into the coyote. now i also shot 50 grain v maxes out of my 223. 5 yotes and 2 had the "spalsh" wound and need another shot. i didn't like that and i got the game kings. i have been shooting 70 grain gamekings from my 243 and had never had a prob.

good luck but i would try and stay away from the v max bullets for coyotes. use them for groundhogs.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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