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coyote hunters....

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Default RE: coyote hunters....

Just wanted to say a few things about that coyote attack and the additional Mountain lion attack mentioned in that news item.

I really feel for that young child and his mother. Damn shame that the Liberals in Kalifornia won't allow a man to protect his home and family without going through the inquisition for a gun permit.

I read an interesting article about a coyote/pet attack here in Florida. I think it was the West Coast area, in a county where firing a gun within city limits can get get you jail time. The pet owner watched as the coyote ran down the street with her pet in his mouth.

Big Thanks to Varmint Al - for a very informative web-site. It makes this new coyote hunter's heart sing when I hear the voice of experience.
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Default RE: coyote hunters....

ive herd of several coyote attacks over the past few years on peoples pets and i think a few on childeren but i can remember at least 3 where a coyote or pack of coyotes has attacked someones pet in there yard and a at least 1 of them some woman beat the coyote off her little dog
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Default RE: coyote hunters....

Varmit Al,

I owe you a very big Thank you!!

I took your advice from your website about predator hunting, went & talked to a few farmers/ranchers/land owners it opened up a lot of private land for me to hunt on.......not just predators either!
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Default RE: coyote hunters....

I actually saw an yote today when i out chasing rabbits with my bow (got easy shot that i missed, grrr) but it was too far away from me to take an shot. It was un-a$$ing the area and was an good 80 yards away from me. At first i thought it was an dog but it stopped long enough for me to get a good look at it.
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Default RE: coyote hunters....

A fews years back I was bow hunting in southern missouri the day of the hunt I sat for hours wondered why I didnt see any deer since the night before while scouting I watched a whole herd walk past my stand. But then just as i was having that thought a coyote walks out of the brush to my left I shot at him but missed then when he took off running a moutain lion came out of my right and intercepted the fleeing coyote. What a sight that was kinda scary too, But thats why there was no deer around. After figuring out do I stay in my stand or make a run for the pick up , I was pretty scared being armed with only a bow I didnt exactly feel like wrestling with a big cat. I made a run for the truck then came back with my buddy who stood guard with a 12 ga loaded with 00 buck shot. while I retreived my treestand. then we got the hell out of there.
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Default RE: coyote hunters....

I made a run for the truck
Running from a big cat is not the thing to do, although it probably seemed like the thing to do at the time, but a running, fleaing, target actually triggers the attack for big cats. I have a friend here in CO. that arrowed a large tom(mtn. lion) a few years ago while elk hunting. He tried to slowly back away from the cat, but the cat kept stalking him, finally, when my friend felt that he was in serious danger, he arrowed the cat, and then left the area. Reported to the game department, and they went and recovered the cat. The DOW took the cat, but allowed me friend to buy it back from them later, before thier annual auction. Go figure!
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Default RE: coyote hunters....

Coyotes don't decrease deer or turkey populations. We've seen that in the past 40 years both deer and turkey populations have exploded across the country. In fact, predation causes prey populations to increase in the long term. But this isn't Population Dynamics 101 so I'll stop there.

If you want any reason to kill coyotes at least be educated about it. The reason to control coyote numbers is to help foxes, endangered birds and endangered small mammals (like Pygmy Rabbits). Fox populations have decreased substantially almost everywhere they occur in conjuction with coyotes.
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