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Default RE: 10/.22 AND STINGERS

Its the target gun that wont take them, cause i thought that to when i bought mine. I really like stingers though.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: 10/.22 AND STINGERS

that is exactly what i use in all of my 22.'s including my 10/22

If you are talking about the CCI stingers, I have shot them in my 10/.22 for years and I love them. They are a hotter, cleaner, more accurate load than any of the cheap stuff. In fact, I have shot CCI stingers exclusively for the last 4 years. I don't buy any other .22 loads anymore.
I agree with you there. I always bought stingers just for the reason you mentioned.
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Default RE: 10/.22 AND STINGERS

Hey shotgunman, i have a 10/22 and the cci stingers have shot fine out of it for years, there a great bullet, i killed my first coyote with em.
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Default RE: 10/.22 AND STINGERS

Stingers don't shoot very well out of my 77/22.
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Default RE: 10/.22 AND STINGERS

where in the world does it say that in a ruger 10-22 manual???????????????????????????????????????????? ??????, I'm looking at a ruger 10-22 manual right now and read every single page and not once does it say will not fuction with stingers or something like or similar to that. I shot hundreds of stingers through both of my 10-22's and never had a single miss fire, jam, or any ejection problems. infact they would cycle better then bulk 22 ammo that you buy at walmart. The only time I ever had a jam with a 10-22 is after shooting 6 or 7 bricks of thunderbolts through it without cleaning it everyone knows how dirty those are and even then would only jam once in every ten shots. I even use Aguila sniper sub sonic which is a 60 grain 22 LR kinda funny looking the bullet is longer then the case, those on the box specifically say for use in bolt actions only, B/c of possible cycling problems in self loaders but in my 10-22 they cycle and fuction flawlessly. the only 22 ammo I have had ejection problems with is either norinco 22 ammo or the russian manufactured "Rooster" 22 ammo. I've taken apart a few of each and weighed their powder charges what I found was inconsistant powder charge weight. so some of them would be under powered and could not cycle the action. The only other 22's that would have problems would be Longs and shorts for obvious reasons.
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