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Training Coon Hounds???

Old 01-22-2004, 12:57 PM
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Default Training Coon Hounds???

Ok i have found one puppy that i would like to make into a coon dog and am trying to look for a couple more but when i get several how do i start training them. i have absolutely no idea where to even start. is it best to start by running them with a trained dog or letting them play with a coon hide or what i will do whatever i need to do but i just need to know where to start. any advice that you can give will be great.Thanks[8D]
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Default RE: Training Coon Hounds???

ok the best way to start a puppie is get a coon hide or a coon tail or a drag....put coon scent on it... drag it around let him bite it..make him chase it ...ok next step......get you a cage coon....don't force him on the coon in the cage.....he will eventually start to bay the need to get you a roll cage ....put the coon in the roll cage...your hound will roll the coon around....when you are messing with him make sure that you make the coon hide or drag go up a tree....hang it up where he can see step take him with older trained dogs....he will get the hang of it.......make sure that you shoot lite 22.rounds over him like 22 shorts.......i have a 6 month male pup...already running and treeing......see the pic in the bottom of my reply...that is my 2 1/2 year old female walker .....i have won many competion hunts with her.......i made her night champion in u.k.c....i raised this dog....she turned out real good......if you play with your puppie alot he will turn out,,but some dogs don't turn out......i have 4 walkers....coon hunting is fun.....good luck...
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Default RE: Training Coon Hounds???

the way we did it was show them a coon hide once in a with them when they are young....pulling on it when they pull it...get htem all excited and wound up over it but never let them sleep with it or sit around with it because they will turn out not to be so excited over it because they seen them all the time.....then take them on walks through the woods....i found this to be pretty important....get them used to walking in that kinda terrain....(always teaching them comands and such like sit stay come ect) then when you know they arent going to run away walk them in the woods and let them walk without you....and practice your commands in the woods...theres alot of distactions in the woods a puppy will want to check out.....i actually lost a puppy because of and dad were walking him as a puppy...daylight...just strolling along a nice deer path something distracted him and he took off.....wouldnt come back.....we lost him.....searched for days and nights.....he was within feet of us...he rounded the bend on a knoll of a littl point and we never seen or heard him again.....i dont know what he chased something lost...fell in the creek or a hole or what....we looked in the creek and there wasnt any holes or anything and we didnt hear him....and he wouldnt come back or anything so i dont know....after they are used to walking in the woods and will respond to you tie them off......get them fired up with the coon hide and take off down a trail dragging it behind you.....dont go really far but dont let the dog watch you....then circle around and come back from a diffrent angle...take him to the trail wehre you dropped it and let him go...hang the hide in a tree and he should tree on that hide....ours always that for a while going longer and more challenging course cross a creek....cross logs....pick the hide up a few feet here and there to try to fool him.....after he seems to beable to find anything live trap a him that sucker....he should go nuts on then take our dog and the coon to the woods.....usually we take the dog to the trap in the woods.....then we let the coon go and let the dog watch it....after it gets a decint bit away so the dog isnt right on it but the coon isnt really far let hte dog go.....he should basicaly hunt the coon....but they seem to tree them really quick.....then praise the dog like you should always do when he trees....even when he trees the hide...get all excited and get hte dog sometimes give a treat like a piece of a hot dog or something to encourage the dog and sometimes not just to make him want it more....then wed let a coon go where the dog wasnt even in the area....then wed take the dog to the general area....he should pick up the scent and beable to track it down and tree it....if in season we would shot a coon down to the dog if he trees it....then get him all fired up and let him play with the coon for a short time then take it from him praising him and everything....then it should be time for the big hunt.....but dont rush the first hunt....if its too early you can ruin him.....and if he chases junk like oppusums skunks foxes ect dont beat the crap out of him or use shocking cages or any of that junk.....just correct him and let him know whos boss.....but whooping dogs and shoking them and stuff can really ruin a dog....i seen a guy that got caught up into competition beat and shock his dogs....leave them in a cage with the scent wrapped to their nose ruined them....they were so scared to hunt they wouldnt......treat your dog like your best friend and he will i mis coon hunting......good luck....also running the dog with another good dog isnt bad.....we did it...but you gota make sure its a good dog that will teach the young dog and not try to bullly it and dominate the trail and such....we had a dog that almost killed another dog for trying to tree on the tree our dog treed.....our dog tore the dog apart and actually sent the other dog up a tree that was climbable by a dog....they had to track the dog down by the blood trail in the snow....our dog never ran with other dogs and was very aggressive....great great dog except for that.....running coon dogs with others is alot of fun but me and dad were more into doing our own and the dog....because our dogs are always like our best friends...thats just the way we preferred to hunt...good luck.....any other info just PM me if you wish....i ran coon dogs for about 5 years....started when i was about 7....only quit because we moved and dad worked too much to run our dogs....we felt bad if we could run our dog ATLEAST 4 times a week every week....once we couldnt do that and we moved we sold the dog to a good guy that knew the dog well he hunted with us before....good luck....
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