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Hunting foxes and Coyotes

Old 08-17-2020, 07:03 PM
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Default Hunting foxes and Coyotes

So, here in Idaho, fox season is open for trapping and hunting. Coyote is open year round for trapping and hunting.

Truth be told, Iíve always wanted a fox and a coyote hide, so I thought I would try to get one.

Hereís the thing, though, I have NO IDEA how or where to start. I mainly hunt deer and waterfowl.

could someone give some advice to a beginner on where to start?

I think I posted this before, but I canít remember.
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Old 08-18-2020, 02:40 PM
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There are some really useful videos on hunting both in YouTube. If you look through the titles, some posters have instructional videos on how to set up, play the wind and call with either hand, mouth or electronic calls. Like most other types of hunting, you can spend a lot of dollars or keep your costs down with a few mouth calls, an inexpensive decoy and your deer rifle. If you want to keep the hides or are looking for a mount, it's usually recommended that you use a 22 caliber centerfire or smaller. If you're going to wait till they're within shotgun range, you could use a shotgun you may already have. Like deer hunting, it's a learning curve and you can easily get hooked. Do you have a budget in mind or are you thinking about just starting inexpensively and seeing if it's something you'll like?
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I agree there are tons of good video's these days all over the web, from you tube to other places, as well as countless coyote hunting forums with super active members.

that said, hunting either isn't that hard, not saying easy or sure fire on success, but since coyote's live almost ever where in the USA, and can be hunted is so many places and ways,
its not that hard to get out there and try/

like hunting any animal, you need to find places there at, look for sign, and then figure out what there eating, and hanging out and set up some where in between
coyotes and foxes are very courious animnals and as such there very interested in calls, again NOT DUMB or sure fire when calling<
as they have many other senses they use before committing to a cal/sound! so when setting up, pay attention to things like wind as they scent check things from afar,
same as when entering an area, watch your back and wind, make as little noise as possible when setting up getting to set ups, and some times it never hurts to wait a while for things to settle back down, be it 30 minutes or an hour or??

and if your after hides, be careful on shot placement, bullet used and so on, as some calibers/bullets can make bigger holes and do more damage, leaving a lot less coat to have made into something or sell!

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Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it. I will go on YouTube and see what I can find. A thought just occurred to me. A couple of weeks ago, I was in North Idaho visiting a friend of mine, I used to hunt turkey and deer on her property when I lived up there. Very nice lady. It turns out she has a major coyote problem. Lots of coyotes fighting on her property a LOT. It actually got to the point that there are not many turkey and deer up there. Maybe I can offer to help ďexterminateĒ the coyotes. I donít believe thereís a bag limit in Idaho, as I think they are predator unprotected. Iíll have to check though.

I would have to find time to go up to North Idaho, if she says yes. Itís a 6 to 7 hour drive there.

Maybe Iíll do it later this year.
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Old 08-18-2020, 07:08 PM
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Better pelts in the deep winter. Been my experience Fox are few when Coyotes are around. My best results for Fox was when I'd spot the dens and catch them coming or going. Both Fox and Yotes tend to make the rounds of their territories. They find Rodents in the same places and visit those places often.
One almost surefire place to set up is on a freshly mowed hayfield. The mower chops up a lot of Rodents and makes easy pickings for many predators. Another good spot is by Hay rolls left out in the field, they are also often full of rodents and Fox will use them as dens.
I've rarely used calls, mostly I spot their movements and ambush. A couple of tricks, they tend to avoid the wet grass early mornings. I set up on the farm roads, they hunt the verge and ditches next to pastures and crops. I sometimes set up on a hilltop with good glass and check out the countryside in a broad sort of way. Print out a google earth map of the area and mark the spots where you spot Fox or Yotes. Then plan an ambush, Or spot a well used trail which is easiest after a rain. Like I said they aren't gypsies, they tend to makes the same rounds in their territory as long as there is food.
My way of hunting isn't sure-fire, but my success rate is around 40%, for days spent waiting in ambush or scouting.
One technique I've used with success is a ton of manure piled over old chicken bones, offal, leftover kitchen waste, old cooking grease or whatever protein source you can find easy or cheap, In the deep winter the manure pile stays warm and throws up a predator yummy scent cone. Even the Rodents will move into the pile and make it doubly attractive to Predators.
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Check out our Predator Hunting reference sub-forum, there are a handful of specific tutorials which may speed you on your quest:

HNI Predator Calling Sub-Forum: Fox and Bobcat Calling Thread

There are several posts on coyote calling in the sun-forum as well; sounds to use, gear, set design, etc.
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I know this is a few months late. A bare minimum set up would be
1: 12 gauge shotgun (Pump or semi auto) with 2.75 inch #4 27 pellets or 3" inch BB lead shot
2: Primos Still cottontail/mouse squeaker call
3: Hunting knife
If you don't want to use a shotgun, a good rifle caliber would be 22-250, 223, 243, & 25-06
For fox's and coyotes, My personal preference is to just use the shotgun. Easier on the fur even though there is more shot they don't blow up the fur as much as a rifle
Except.for the 22 250 and 223 calibers they're pretty fur friendly. 243 and 2506 are not.

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