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I agree there are tons of good video's these days all over the web, from you tube to other places, as well as countless coyote hunting forums with super active members.

that said, hunting either isn't that hard, not saying easy or sure fire on success, but since coyote's live almost ever where in the USA, and can be hunted is so many places and ways,
its not that hard to get out there and try/

like hunting any animal, you need to find places there at, look for sign, and then figure out what there eating, and hanging out and set up some where in between
coyotes and foxes are very courious animnals and as such there very interested in calls, again NOT DUMB or sure fire when calling<
as they have many other senses they use before committing to a cal/sound! so when setting up, pay attention to things like wind as they scent check things from afar,
same as when entering an area, watch your back and wind, make as little noise as possible when setting up getting to set ups, and some times it never hurts to wait a while for things to settle back down, be it 30 minutes or an hour or??

and if your after hides, be careful on shot placement, bullet used and so on, as some calibers/bullets can make bigger holes and do more damage, leaving a lot less coat to have made into something or sell!

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