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Which FoxPro?

Old 01-23-2018, 06:44 PM
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Default Which FoxPro?

I've been thinking about getting a FoxPro electronic call for coyotes. What's everyone's recommendation?
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Old 01-24-2018, 05:24 AM
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Really depends on how much you want to spend. I bought 1 a few years ago and love it but it was one of the lower end units. If I had the money I would probably go with the Shockwave.

A visual aid also helps keep the attention off of the shooter. The one I have has a spinning flag type thing that mimics a woodpecker. I have had the yotes attack the call because of it lol.
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Old 01-24-2018, 11:35 AM
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I might sound like a idiot here LOL
BUt I have now had a few Fox pro models, from there top line one to entry models and honestly I am NOT impressed with any of them, not that they suck or anything
but I have been playing with e callers since they had them with cassette players(still one that works, Johnny Stewart))
and the sounds on that old cassette were WAY more productive and of different sounds than I have yet to find on anything made new today

yes the older one were limited by the cord from player to speaker and you couldn;t jump to different sounds as fast, but they just to me had better sounds, NOT sound quality, just animal sounds!

the new callers can have hundreds or more of sounds, but you don't need that many and trying to find them is never easy when you have so many

any how, the fox pro's from MY experience with the, the entry models don't have very loud speakers, if you hunt on any sort of a windy day, there NOT very productive, or in WIDE open area's
NO you don't need a million decibels and mega speakers to kill and call things in, but, be nice having louder volume at times without having to add say an extra speaker!
again my old caller from the early 90's was WAY louder if needed)
next my grip is the remotes, in todays modern age, they should be better than they are even on the top shelf models, all the more so at the price tag they carry!
IMO< they need to maybe come with a meter scale on them, so you can see how well the two are talking to each other(caller/remote)

MY next gripe with Fox pro callers and I know they did improve is there, remote decoys, I had there earlier version(2010 era) and it still works fine, but holy smokes is it LOUD all you hear is the electric motor running as it moves, I can hear it from 100 yards away, I have to think critters can from WAY farther, and I doubt they associate that noise with being wild animal??
I TRIED to make mine quieter, but adding rubber foam pipe insulation around it, and its STILL LOUD can hear it still from 100+ yards away, but better than as it was .
THE new one I had from 2016, was NOT all that much better, and the decoy ON it, IMO wasn't the greatest thing either
I WISH they would maybe make a more realistic decoy, like a rabbit, over some silly thing that doesn't really look like anything in the wild?

BEST advice I can tell you is this
GO to a store that carry's there model line, and GO play with them
when you GET home, take it out as if you were hunting and try it, if your NOT happy, TAKE It back
I think you can call in as many coyotes with just hand and mouth calls than with a caller and save yourself a LOT of $$$
less hassle getting set ups, set up and taken down too!
I like the wireless decoy more than the E callers
for close to a grand for a top shelf caller, your NOT getting anything worth that much $$ IMO!
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Old 01-24-2018, 02:50 PM
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It really depends on your budget though. I have a FOXPRO shockwave and it's pact with features but have to say this is a bit pricey. You can search for other foxpro which have good reviews like the inferno and at lower price range.
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Old 01-28-2018, 05:17 AM
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Why a Fox Pro?

I have a Ico Tec GC 350, of the ten hunters in my coyote hunting group all have a IcoTec from a GC 300 one fellow got at walmart For $67.00 on sale a $90.00 caller today that can play two sounds at the same time. the GC500 is $200.00, the GC 350 like mine is about $125 now. Both the GC350 and the GC500 you can attach the AD decoy to and control it remotely same as the sounds.

Most of us use the weasle ball modified to a decoy found on Varmint al's site. We also use goose and turkey feathers we clip(small roach clips) to branches of a bush, strand of barb wire fence and even to the tail of our weasle ball to make it look bigger.

Ico Tec also has a sound Library where you can get sounds down load them to your computer and put them on a SD card 2GB'S or smaller.

The remote is numbered 1 thru 12 then A and B on mine for 24 different sounds. Just print a sheet of paper with the sound for each number on the SD card you have in the caller. Easy with a quick look to pick the sound you want. Laminate the paper and hook some elastic to each end and you have it on ypoiur wrist like a FB GB has his calls on his wrist.

you can make a play list of sounds so to speak.
you can download Audacity a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.

My brother still used a old Johnny Stewart casset caller with good luck. But with out the remote and being able to set it farther away he has to pay more attention to camouflage and decoys to get the coytes eyes away from him.


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The Banshee (replaced the Hellfire I use) has the volume a guy wants. The Shockwave and Prairie Blaster are also loud, but it's really an axe to kill a fly. I've used Spitfires and Wildfires, now replaced by the Inferno, but more similarly featured to the new Patriot, for years with SP-55 auxiliary speakers, which I modified to have their own power supply - without them, they're not really loud enough (The icotech GC300 & 350 are guilty of the same problem).

In 2018, most of the features of the Shockwave or Prairie Blaster which aren't available on some of the lower end models can be done more elegantly and efficiently on an ipad or laptop, creating a mixed sound set as a single sound file, saved to the caller.

Personally, owning a Fusion, Hellfire, Spitfire, Wildfire, Shockwave, Turbo Dogg, Alpha Dogg, GC350, Mimic, & Echo - and having owned callers going all the way back to a RECORD PLAYER with a big Edison horn - the one I use the most today (other than handcalls) is the Hellfire. Lots of volume and simple. Exactly what I want, without a lot of features I don't. The Shockwave is my second choice. I've killed hundreds of dogs over a Spitfire/Wildfire, and the GC350 is relatively similar - less sound integrity, a bit less volume, and a lot less remote range.

If my house burned down and I started all over, I'd buy a Screaming Banshee, mount it to my quad, and then use half of it as a standard Banshee when hunting on foot.
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