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Raccoon Trapping

Old 09-26-2015, 08:09 PM
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Default Raccoon Trapping

Every hunter knows that raccoon's and other furbearers such as coyotes can hurt the population of hunted game. Raccoon's eat turkey eggs and many other wild birds and coyotes kill fawns during the summer months. How many people take action and do something about it? The truth is not many people do, there is a solution though. Trapping is a dying art that has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. With all the anti hunters and animal activists out there trapping and eventually hunting could be taken away. Check out my channel below and see if trapping could help out your favorite hunting spots and if you have any questions or are interested in starting to trap leave a comment or message me directly.
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All depends on what you are hunting. The last thing a hunter with a bird dog wants to see in the fields he hunts are leg hold traps or snares. Trapping is a valuable activity to keep down the populations of rabies vectors. Unfortunately some trappers do not give much thought to where they string steel and consequently do more harm than good to the image of trappers. BTW, I grew up trapping.
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oldtimr, footholds and snares will not kill your dog, will not even hold up your hunt if you are nearby. the bodygrips are a threat but its not legal to set bodygrips on dry land with bait in most states Alaska being an exception.
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You don't have to explain traps or trapping to me, don't tell me a leg hold will not hurt a dog, I know better, if the dog fights the trap it will be hurt, and if a snare doesn't have a stop set correctly it will kill a dog. You may not care enough about your dog, if you have one to care if it gets hurt, I do. Don't try to blow smoke up my backside, I know what traps and snare can do, I have trapped and have been around trapping my whole life and there are trappers and there people wh set traps.
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I never got into trapping all that much growing up but my great granddad made his living hunting and trapping. One thing I CAN tell you RR is that a snare or foothold absolutely WILL hurt a dog. I had to take one of my Beagle hounds to the vet to have it's foot finished off removing. He hit a snare at pretty much a dead run. And your trying to say a jaw type foothold wont hurt a dog? Barely slow a hunt? You obviously have NO clue about traps. Now granted a smaller one such as a #1 or #1 1/2 may not injure a dog (and the 1 1/2 could on a smaller breed like my little Beagles) but you start running into sets of 2's 3's and 4's and you will have a hurt leg for sure. and 1 1/2's and 2's are recommended sizes for coon traps if I remember correctly.
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Most coon trapping these days are with dp's, not all but most and I've never seen any damage to a dog in a #2 or #3 and I've been at it 25 yrs and have removed dogs from footholds.
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As a bee keeper I find that coons possums and skunks are a royal pain in the kister. You can tell when a critter is messing with the hives as the bees which you could normally work with out smoke are nearly impossible to work even with smoke as they have been attacked so much during the night. I shoot every dang one I see when out hunting to start. I also have a number of live traps since a lot of home owners will not allow any other type on their property. I get day old bagels from the local donut shop cut them in half smear with a bit of honey and drop in the bottom of the trap behind the trigger. I have had as many as two coons in a trap. pop them behind the ear with the 22lr and dump them out.
Skunks are handled a little different how ever but shot just the same.
Not going to move my problem some where else to be a problem for some one else either.

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I am also a trapper and can attest to the fact that I have seen dogs (foxes, coyotes) in leg hold traps that were released with little to no foot damage at all. I released a large dog from a MB-750 a few years back which is a very powerful leghold trap and it did not even limp when released. The dog just kept following me around. Of course the trap was triple swivled with shock spring so that helped alot. I have also seen dogs that had to have their foot removed due to heavy damage from something as small as a 1 1/2 coil spring. It depends on how the dog fights the trap and also how the trap was or was not modified with swivels, springs, etc.. No dog I have ever released myself was damaged in any way that I could tell as I do love dogs and would feel very badly to have injured one. With so many coyotes around its hard to trap with light traps around here.
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