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Squirrel Hunting Tips & Tricks.

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Originally Posted by jrbsr
It is not only Illegal, it is also Unethical.

Just my Honest Opinion.
Yours and most others!!!
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Originally Posted by squirrelops
Never Heard That Theory
yeah, i have seen greys get "hard core" over peanut butter. one lick will cause him to hate all other squirrels... on sight!!!
i have actually wondered before if you could use it to draw newcomers into your area. a few jars smeared on trees during the few weeks before the season opens would certainly fatten up the ones already there. and i would bet they can smell something "nutty" like that from a pretty good distance.
if it works it would be a squirrel paradise, followed quickly by squirrel apocalypse...

any of you guys try anything like that before???
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The $.02 cent squirrel call
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i just wlk slow through the woods
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Ive Had Good Luck With Nut Cruncher An Squirrel Call ... I also Spot An Stalk An Still Hunt. The Most Advice Is Hunt Nut Trees Or By Corn Field Edges.
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Default good information

Thanks for the information, really good read.

Check out my squirrel hunting videos
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Uncle Nicky, in PA, where your icon says you are from, it isn't legal to hunt squirrels in the firearms deer season and it also isn't legal to have fine shot on your person when hunting deer with slugs. While reading this thread asking for squirrel hunting methods that work, I am sure the op was looking for legal methods, I have seen several that aren't legal in most states. smoke bombs, really, why not just burn the woods down and shoot the squirrels when they run out, in my state and others, electronic squirrels calls would not be legal and neither is shooting into a nest to try to drive an animal out as has already been mentioned. My favorite way to hunt them is with two people, one on each side of the trees, especially along hickory treelines.

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Originally Posted by Murdy
But check your local laws, illegal in some states to molest a den.

jrbsr: "It is not only Illegal, it is also Unethical.
Just my Honest Opinion."

Yep, it's sort of the same way with some people shooting waterfowl on the ground or in the water even though it might be legal!
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Thank you guys for the information, really good read.

Check out my squirrel hunting story:
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Be cautious when moving around while hunting. You need to be as quiet as possible. Avoid stepping on anything wet or damp. Stay away from sticks and other items, too. Debris and wet surfaces make more noise than other things.Avoid walking directly towards a squirrel to get a better shot. The squirrel will most likely notice you as you get closer and scurry away instantly.
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