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coyote down

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Default coyote down

Have any of you had problems with coyotes having mange? The last two years we have had it bad, we had a lot of coyotes that died from mange. The quaility of the hide are not worth stretching and drying. The rabbit numbers have increased more than I have seen in many years. With rabbits and prairie dogs we have alot of shooting this year to do. But sure missed calling coyotes last year.
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Default RE: coyote down

The disease seems to be very localised...right where I live they have it pretty bad. Last summer I shot(fair game year round in iowa) a 48 lb male that was amost hairless. No more hair on its body than my arm...never seen the like. unfortunatly no photos though, thought it was too ugly
But then even a few dozen miles away I hear there is no problem. It seems like half the coyotes I get in the fall are not too good either, especialy the older ones. One thing I know it is not decreasing their numbers a bit. One of my best bowhunting spots was virtually shut down a couple of years ago when a pack moved in...that is untill i removed 6 of them.
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Default RE: coyote down

The disease spreads by way of contact, one coyote touching another. If it now seems localized, give it a year or two. The disease has spread all across KS., Neb., into eastern CO., Okla. Iowa, and beyond. In eastern KS., it was really bad just a few years ago, BUT now very few coyotes are still around that have it. Is it gone from there for good, maybe. But probably not until every coyote that has it in the area is dead and gone, and only then will it stop spreading!
It is a nasty disease and a horrible death for those that get it, and man do they stink, the coyotes that have it,......... really bad!! I think some of the coyotes that have it really bad probably wish for a bullet, just to end thier misery!
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Default RE: coyote down

I have never seen a coyote or fox with it and I have shot a lot of both. I live in central IA..maybe just lucky. Here is a link on it. I didn't realize that humans can get this from handling diseased animals.. Nasty disease for sure.,1607,7-153-10370_12150_12220-26949--,00.html
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Default RE: coyote down

We have it here too in Alaska but I talk to the Alaska State Troopers and Fish & Game here...
We have wolfs and coyotes both with it but they will die from it after a year ortwobut it spreads fast...!
The best thing you can do is shoot every 1you see with it or with out it...
If I shoot 1 with it thats where he/she stays if its a goodhideI keep it...

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Default RE: coyote down

I shot a handful of them last fall/winter that had mange in central South Dakota. One was completely hairless. It looked almost like a black lab from the skin being weathered/leathered so bad. That coyote was wishing for a bullet as I saw him neara road 2 times without a gun, then a day later in the same spot when I had my 243. I should have taken pictures but it was almost too gruesome to look at.
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Default RE: coyote down

Mange can be a problem anywhere. This question has been asked alot, and there is a statistic that is an eye opener. 70% of the worlds Coyote population has mange, whether its very bad to small infestations. It can be a real big problem if the population is close enough to pass on to domesticated animals, for the disease carrying mites can be passed onto them with ease. It is easier than you think. Ground squirrels for instance, carry both mites, ticks, and fleas that can carry anything from fevers to the dreadful bubonic plague. Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya. Yet, most animals are seen and taken care of before any possibility of passing of mange within the yote numbers. I have seen and taken care of a great deal of mangy goats, sheep, and even had the unfortunate luck of seeing a dog being treated for mange with neighbors or others in rural ag land. Not a site to see, since I am a dog lover. So anytime you see mangy yote, get the rifle out if it is legal for predation hunting in your state/county, and take that yote out!
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