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coyote hunting

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Default coyote hunting

what is the best coyote hunting gun
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Default RE: coyote hunting

OY VEY! you just opened up a huge can of worms!!! but it depends on your hunting area, how long your shots are gonna be and such. I use a .204, not huge but will range out there. 22/250 .243 12 gauge
.22 mag for close up stuff. they all work well as long as you know the gun and plan your shots well. you can even join the .223 gang!!!
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Default RE: coyote hunting

do you have any idea what you just
this is going to take a while.
And I'd have to go w/ the .22 mag because I'm in the sticks.
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Default RE: coyote hunting

We've done this before haven't we?

*.243 Win *
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Default RE: coyote hunting

[][][][][]....17, 204, 221 fireball,223, 22-250, 222, 220 swift, 6mm, 243, 244, 250-savage, 25-20, 25-35, 25-06, 257 roberts, 30-30, 30 rem, 308, 30-06, 300 savage, 303 savage, 303 british, 32 rem, 32-20, 32-40, 35 rem, 38-40, 38-55, shotgun........ect. ect...ect

All these will do the trick for coyotes. Its all in your own preference.Some are better choices, (especially the milder cartridges). The centerfire 22 calibers are a great choice for coyotes. However, if you like hunting whitetails, the .243 is also a nice choice of caliber to have, as it allows you to still hunt small game but will effectively kill some medium to large sized game too.

I hope this helps a bit.
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Default RE: coyote hunting

I think it's mine. Sorry, but it's not for sale.
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Default RE: coyote hunting

ORIGINAL: jhoffman

We've done this before haven't we?

*.243 Win *

We have, over and over. I made the comment in here and the turkey forum about the same thing, and how the authors of these posts don't take the time to look at the archives. And wham, I got shot with a bunch of hot air from grumpies, saying that I was not inconsiderate and not helpful....LOL.....but you know what, I will say it again-Haven't we answered this question just recently!!!!!!!!?????[:@] Like what was listed above, depending on range, weather, and your shooting ability, there is no perfect coyote gun, just like there is no perfect gun for bear, squirrel, deer, turkey you name it etc etc.. I use 3 calibers when I go out predation hunting-.204 ruger, .308 Win., and .338 Lapua. I have taken a couple of yotes under 120 yards with my .17 HMR, but with allowing only head shots with that caliber, and again under 120 yards. With that said, it is about personal preference, shooting ability, and location/weather where you are predation hunting at.
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Default RE: coyote hunting

Nicely said coyote, I understand where you are coming from.

People have so many preferences. Each person should pick out the caliber that (they) like best. Sometimes when you like what everyone else likes in can get boring.....People should find what (they) like for themselves and what suits them best for their situations.
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Default RE: coyote hunting

I like my .243 Win I have it in a Savage modle 11 - I originally bought the gun for coyotes with the option to use it when I get to go to PA for Deer hunting. Until just this year I was not allowed to use rifle for deer in the area I hunt in Western NY. Now that they have opened it up for rifle I have considered either modifying my varmint rig (.243 Win Savage Model 11 - harris bipod and 6x18 bushnell scope) I figure if I am going to use the gun for deer instead of my 12 gauge Rem 870 I will have to tone down the scope a little to maybe a 2x7 or 3x9 - I use the .243 year round on woodchucks, coyotes, fox, deer - so I am very comfortable with the gun - I used federal 100 grain ammo on everything so i get a feel for accuracy at different yards - I can consistently take a woodchuck at 300 yards and feel very confortable on yotes out to 400 yards. I try to stay within 200 on deer though and even 200 yards is a little iffy depending on the situation. I just don't want to wound an animal and have it go off suffering.

Some people worry about too much pelt damage with the .243 but with the 100 grain ammo I have used i noticed that I really don't get excessive pelt damage to bullet seems to hold together nicely on yotes and I get all the penetration and expansion I need on deer. I have noticed when experimenting with different loads that if I use a 75 grain or even 55 grain bullet I get more pelt damage because the bullet still passes through the animal but expands more rapidly leaving a larger exit hole.
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Default RE: coyote hunting

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