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New to trapping and want to get started

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New to trapping and want to get started

Old 01-31-2006, 07:43 PM
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Default New to trapping and want to get started

I am new to trapping and want to get started. I mostly want
to trap beaver, foxes, racoons, and coyotes. What do I need and
how much is it to get started and where I can get the stuff at a
local hunting store or what.
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Old 02-01-2006, 03:54 AM
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Default RE: New to trapping and want to get started

First get the Magazine Fur-Fish-game. This magazine would help you tremendously. It is cheap about $15 for a year. Check out these.

Welcome to the world of trapping. It is rewarding, super fun, alot of work, and it will make you a better hunter for sure. It helps all wildlife including it's own species.

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Old 02-01-2006, 07:50 AM
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Default RE: New to trapping and want to get started

I remember a thread on here about a similar subject awhile back. Someone posted a link to a website that had a starter kit, but I can't remember the web site. Some of these supplies can be homemade, or you may have them already. Anyway, here is a list of basic supplies for starters:
1 small shovel or big trowel
1 pair of rubber gloves (preferrably long enough to cover lower arm)
1 dirt sifter (can be homemade)
1 pair of rubber boots
1 pack or bucket for carrying supplies
1 bottle of lure for coons, foxes, coyotes, etc
1 hammer
1 sharp knife
1 .22 cal pistol orrifle
Pan covers (wax paper)
Trap wax
Trap Dye (or use walnut hulls)
Trap Stakes (or make them yourself)

Those are the basics, except you need to know how many traps you can set and check according to your regulations. I don't know what your reg's are, so I'll suggest checking them first. In VA you must check the traps every 24 hours. I could comfortably check on about a dozen traps in gentle terrain in about an hour and a half. This route was about a mile in length. I packed my supplies in a bucket. I always packed some extra traps, stakes, hammer, peat moss, pan covers, gun, and scent with me every time. With that much weight its hard to go very fast in 10 degree weather! But, you won't have the temp. problem.

I would buy a minumum of a dozen no. 2 coilspring traps to start with. If you can go larger for the coyotes and beaver then buy a few no. 3 coilsprings for them, and if allowed a few conibears for the beaver. If you buy conibears you will also need to purchase a tool setter for them as they are real tough to set.

So, what about the price?? I don't know! You can check with a couple of different suppliers and get their catalog, or check on e-bay. But, I really doubt that your local hunting supply store will have the supplies you need.
Also, check out www.trapperman.com You can learn more from that website than anywhere else I know of. And, a couple good trapping books with illustrations will be valuable. Good Luck.

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Old 02-01-2006, 04:10 PM
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Default RE: New to trapping and want to get started

I would suggest getting to know someone who is experienced in trapping and asking if you can tag along with him. If you can't find anyone get the magazine Fur Fish and Game and get some books on trapping. The other guys pretty much covered the supplies. But you can make do with less. I started with some traps, stakes, ahatchet, a knife,some lure, a .22, and some trap dye. I would also suggest starting out trapping coons and beavers because those are relativily easy. Trapping is awsome, the night before you go check the traps for the first time is so hard to sleep. My dad used to trap all winter but when I was born he started to slow down and now he doesn't trap at all because he's to busy. But when I started out he told me some hints and let me go. After the first week he would come along and help ocasionallybut I was mostly on my own. But he did tell me all he knew about trapping when he did come along and he was extremely helpfull. Every day after school I get on my bike and go check my traps, and if he was home he would give me a ride. After college I am hoping to go live in the Alaska bush for a couple of years and do some longline trapping.
Hope this helps

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Old 02-03-2006, 04:19 PM
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Default RE: New to trapping and want to get started

if ur trapping i would use a .22 and just wait for something to spring the trap and get trapped. just sit up in a tree stand and wait for a little bit and if u get something start dropping shells on it a couple times. even a .22 LR would work, just make sure u don't shoot them too much. it's always fun. or else use a bow.me and my friend found it a great sport other than just plain hunting
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