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Do I really want to reload?

Reloading Share techniques for reloading, where to get the hottest in reloading equipment and learn how to reload from fellow hunters.

Do I really want to reload?

Old 08-24-2004, 03:20 PM
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Default Do I really want to reload?

I don't have any idea(s) about reloading. If I wanted to do it, what equipment should I have? How dangerous is this? How much do you think I would save ($$$)?
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Old 08-24-2004, 04:28 PM
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Default RE: Do I really want to reload?

I strongly recommend you go to your sport shop and ask to find someone that reloads and watch an experienced reloader before you get started.

1. You won't save a dime....you will shoot more

2. It's extremely dangerous if you don't pay attention to details and don't get good coaching.....but there's a million folks doing it all the time with complete safety.....you can too.....

The equipment list will be generated by the person you choose to watch and learn from.....then come back and ask the question again.
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Old 08-24-2004, 06:10 PM
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Default RE: Do I really want to reload?

Right Now? No, but I have a bunch of brass that has been all prepped and ready to go so I guess I probably should sit down and finish it up

Do you want to shoot more? Want something to do on those dark winter days beside sitting in front of the T.V. Do you want to attempt to squeeze the most accuracy out of your guns? Want to play with fire and precision toys er uh tools? Want to go to the range and shoot itty bitty groups with ammo you built yourself? Want to spend some money?

I shoot so I can handload and I handload because alot of the stuff I shoot can't be bought at your local Walmart and when I do find it the price is more than a set of dies.

I don't know...Do you really want to handload?
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Old 08-24-2004, 07:08 PM
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Default RE: Do I really want to reload?

How much do you think I would save ($$$)?
None, zero, zilch.
Unless you are currently shooting several hundred rounds of a major rifle caliber or several thousand rounds of a minor caliber rifle or big bore handgun per year, then you will start to see some significant cost savings and even then, you have to work with the assumption that your time isn't worth anything.

Example: I can load about 50 rds of 30-06 match or premium hunting loads per hr of my time. The cost for me is about $7 worth of powder, $12-20 worth of bullets, $1 worth of primers and assuming the brass is used, the brass costs me nothing. These cartridges cost me roughly $20-28 total to reload. factory match loads and premium hunting loads would cost $50-60 for the same quality. If my time reloading were worth as much as what I get paid for at work, I would just about break even, except that the cost of the reloading hardware would never be paid for.

In all likelyhood, you'll eventually put 10x or even 100x as much lead down range after you start reloading- not necessarily a bad thing
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Old 08-24-2004, 09:21 PM
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Default RE: Do I really want to reload?

ORIGINAL: bnhcomputing I don't have any idea(s) about reloading. If I wanted to do it, what equipment should I have? How dangerous is this? How much do you think I would save ($$$)?

A single-stage loading press or a hand tool like the Lee hand press or Lyman 310 Tong Tool.
A set of dies for each of the calibers you will be loading.
A powder scale and a powder funnel.
A reloading manual. (I recommend a Lyman No. 46, 47, or 48 as a first manual due to the largre amount of info in it, and the fact that Lyman doesn't make bullets, so they use a lot of different bullets from all manufacturers. You don't need the latest version.)
Empty cases, bullets, a pound of powder, and 100 primers.

How much will you save? Look at it this way. A cartridge case is the most expensive part of a factory load. When you throw it away after one firing, you are discarding AT LEAST $0.50 per shot! And if you are shooting something pricey, like a .416 Rigby or a .300 Dakota, etc., well, you get the idea!!
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