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New to reloading? READ THIS FIRST!

Reloading Share techniques for reloading, where to get the hottest in reloading equipment and learn how to reload from fellow hunters.

New to reloading? READ THIS FIRST!

Old 11-29-2013, 03:30 PM
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A lot has been said before, I got started reloading almost as soon as shooting center fires. I believe it gets and keeps you better related to the sport and your tools. Accuracy and customization is perhaps the most advantages in reloading, NO one makes the perfect round for YOU, but through reloading you can make that favorite miracle round that cant be found anywhere else. I even load my own shotshells for all sorts of pistol cases. If you follow the hobby along, you will start casting bullets, which leads us down another road that can open up more options. Best of luck and welcome to the party.
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Old 02-12-2014, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Z
If you buy 150gr federal soft points when they're on sale for 10 bucks a box, and your only reason to reload is to save money, it's probably not your cup o' tea. I can tell you I save 25+ a box vs comparable factory loads in my centerfires. If you went ultra caveman basic, you could pay for your loading equipment with a bottle of powder, a box of bullets, and a pack of primers.

Or, and this is the more likely option, you could wind up like the rest of us reloaders. First, you try to save money starting up. You're nervous to try out your first load, but it works out great. Heck, that's the best your rifle's ever shot. You'll try a different brew next time, after some more reading. Before you know it, you can't help yourself every time you see a deal on components. "5 bucks off on powder? Wellllll I suppose I'll grab a few of those. 8 bucks off a 100 pack of bullets? Heck, I better just clean the shelf of these babies. I'll need them eventually anyways. Primers..only a few bucks a hundred, I spose I'll pick up a few of those, just so they're handy. Ooooohh, that tool would make things easier! Maybe next time, after I replace those dangerously bald tires. But I do have this sale voucher. It wouldn't hurt to have I suppose."

This is a math problem. There won't always be people willing to take the risk of loading for somebody else. I know I won't load for anyone other than myself and close friends. So figure out equipment cost of equipment you want, and your ammo cost vs factory cost to make your decision.
Originally Posted by homers brother

There's a lot in Z's post here that I'm guessing many reloaders will identify with, and it suggests a bit of the "journey" that reloading can be. It's pretty common that your early interest will focus on saving money ("by reloading, I can afford to shoot more," or "the only way I can shoot those premium bullets is to load them myself"). We all have bald tires from time-to-time, not to mention a household budget officer that doesn't necessarily see the merit in that fancy new electronic scale/powder dispenser, even if it is on sale. However, for most of us, the basic tools described above (and fortunately included in most "kits") are all many of us will ever need.

If you shoot competitively or if you're simply obsessive with your hunting loads, you will at some point find yourself going to the next level with your reloading - maybe not so much in terms of the tools, but certainly by way of paying more attention to the processes. Reloaders at this level generally know a LOT about their loads, as well as their firearms - from physical specifications all the way to performance. Shooters with specialized military shooting experience may be familiar with the use of data books and manually recording and refining their shooting data. But, for others, the most efficient - and quite possibly also the limit of their refinement will be achieved by use of a chronograph, an exterior ballistics program, and possibly a wind meter with environmentals (Kestrel or other).

Find your balance. What are your goals in reloading, how much time and mental activity can you devote to it, and what kind of budget do you expect? Recognize that what these are today will evolve tomorrow. Start out with the basics, work on your understanding of the forces at work and the measurements involved. Go as far as you feel necessary to achieve your objectives - you'll learn far more about what you and your rifle are capable of than most people will ever imagine.
There is a lot in what Big Z and Homers Brother have said there. I am fortunate in the household budget officer, shoots competitively as well, and reloads her own ammo, so she has pointed out things that would make loading easier,
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Old 02-13-2014, 01:43 AM
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Reloading for me is about customization and never worrying about running out of ammo. A chronograph has been important like a good set of scales. I like to make the reload into what I want it to be in terms of bullet weight and velocity. Then I tinker with it till I get the accuracy I desire.
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Old 02-13-2014, 08:50 AM
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Someone mentioned setting up the chrono, and worry with lining it up, effected their ability to check load accuracy.

I set my rifle up on the bags, get a bead on my target, leave the gun right there on the bags. I use a laser that goes in the barrel, and set the chrono up using the laser. I use the targets with the 5 diamonds, the Champion Redfield. 25 shoots without moving the gun, check accuracy and velocity. My best load accuracy, have been +-25 fps, five shoots each.

And as you get deeper into it, as the bug infects you. I have written allot down, Load used, Powder Lot and weight, Bullet lot, weight and length, keeping bullet weight within .05 Gr and length within .005, yes they do very, some brands +- .010 and +- 2 Gr of weight on the box., as well as length. Case Weight wet and dry and length, neck thickness, thousands resized, primer pocket depth. Primer Weight they very as well, Bullet seating depth, each round as close to same weight and length, load as possible. Bullet Velocity, wind speed and direction, temp, humidity, time of day. Temp and humidity will make a difference in speed, with different powders. So you can become fanatical, about reloading, once the bug really infects you. And Compared to some I only have a minor infection.

But no matter how in depth you want to go, buy some reloading manuals, read as much as you can, ask as many questions as you can, I have had e-mail conversations with Walt Berger, and picked his brain on powders to use with his Berger Bullets and velocity. The best safety device you have is your brain, and all the info you can get. What ever you load for, there is no better feeling than 5 on target in 2 inches sub MOA Rounds you loaded at 500 yards with a 20 MPH cross wind. You don’t get that out of a box. Not trying to brag, but it does make you feel good knowing what you can Accomplish, and it is fun. Take somebody who has never shot before, out, share that joy and fun. Infect somebody today.
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Post An easy way to start reloading

For someone who is considering reloading but is frankly overwhelmed by reading how equipment complex and expensive this "hobby" can be; there is an inexpensive way to try to see if it's worth the time and money. Just buy factory ammo and save the brass, and a Lee Loader kit for your caliber. Kit instructions will suggest powder, loads, primers and bullets. The only other thing you will need us a hammer. A lot of reloaders have started this way. Buy the time you have loaded 100 cartridges you will know what other tools will fit your needs.
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