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Tim Hortons Eh,

Old 05-01-2007, 06:34 PM
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,

I love timmy's!Man for a town of 4000 we sure have big lineups there! It's been non-stop business since they opened up shop 3 years ago.
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,

well i must say this is an interesting topic in a hunting forum........I live in the Moncton NB area and we have sooooooooo many Tim's here the lineups are not bad at all. A select few are busier than others but normally the lineups are pretty short.
Basically just over 100,00 people and a quick count from the phone book we have about 20 outlets
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,


well i must say this is an interesting topic in a hunting forum........
My hunting day is not complete without a coffee... How’s that...
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,

They must coat their cups with some addictive material When you buy their coffee in the cans and try to brew it yourself it never tastes as good.

Dan O.
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,

I disagree Dan, we always drink it at Rancho Relaxo and its great.
Make sure your coffee maker is clean, and use real cream in it, not milk.
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,

I have also tried Tim’s coffee at home and it doesn’t taste the same, but we perk our coffee. My brother in-law works for Parmalat and they supply the cream for Tim’s. Tim’s order their cream at 18%. That might be part of their secret...
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,

I got my first taste of Tim's last fall in Ontario. Nice spot! All we have around here is stinking McD's. Wish we had a Tim.
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,

Drive thru at the closest one is always a line up. Inside, morning and lunch the line up is usually to the door and often outside it. The others suffer from the same fate but this location is by far the worst for line ups here & just happens to be the most accessible for us, which is why we stopped am Tim runs and brew/travel mug our morning fix instead. I might add Tim's in a can doesn't compare to us, we typically brew Seattle's Best or Starbucks breakfest blends at home on weekdays. The weekendsare reserved for100% Kona Koffee from Hawaii...that makes em' all taste like foldgers but to priceyfor 365/year and if you had to buy it locally..ouch!!! 30 plus a pound last time I checked with limited availability.[&:]
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,

The tast for the double double comes from the cream. If you use milk forTim's coffee at home, it will not taste the same. There may be long line ups but they move fast and are worth the wait.
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Default RE: Tim Hortons Eh,

Maybe the coffee has improved at McDonalds but the service sure sucks. It’s at the point that they can only take one order a time and they still screw up at the Mc’s by the shop.

Tell me about it..Ordered my meal at the drive thjrough window.(Was the only one in the line) and thechick me to pull ahead and wait in the parking lot....
I told her No.....
This created quite the look on her face. (Guess she isn't used to remarks like the one I gave her)
I said listen but I'm the only one in line,and I also understand your bonuses depend on your drive through times..
So I suggest you make this one in under a minute without screwing it up.......
Anyways they gave me my order,but before driving off,searched through the bag.....Guess What?
They forgot my straw....[]
I'll end it their.........MY next beef......HOME DEPOT........[8D]

But as far as Timmies goes,I'm not allowed to complain,my wifes a District Manager for them....
Yep she's Timmies Police Women....
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