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Good scope for 500+ shots


Old 03-14-2019, 01:20 PM
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Hey, I'm back for more info and opinions on a couple of scopes as most of the reviews I see are a couple yrs. old.
The Athlon Midas, Burris Veracity, Sightron STac (or Siii) and the Vortex Viper, I know there is some price differences but these are the scopes I've kinda lean towards but these are also the only ones I've been able to handle and see up close.
Anyone know or have opinions on any or all.
Thanks, Hhardrock
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Nontypical Buck
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take this with a grain of salt
I sold optic's for yrs(had a gun shop)
of the one's you listed
I would go, Burris, sightron and vortex, and last the The Athlon
things I will say is this, Burris, used to always tend to be a tad heavier than others, the sightron's had some issues with edge to edge clarity, Vortex is a little newer to the market and didn';t sell a lot of them so, don't have much hands on, minus shooting some rifles with them and looking thru some at shows and shops
and have zero experience with the last one, and that is why its at the end of my list
others have been on the market longer and more proven track records!

NOW I would not know what model/power scope your talking here, but most of these scopes you listed are one's with target turrets, do you really plan to use them?
as in making IN field adjustment for yardage and returning things to zero again afterwards?
these target turret scopes do work VERY well when used right, but are more than many want to do, and they are also heavier than most other non target scopes, this matters to SOME< doesn't to others!
just asking and pointing this out
MANY of them above models are on 30mm or larger scope body's and or larger objective ends, which will then need f , HIGHER mounting, for most rifles,
which many don;'t like, as cheek weld can be harder for some to get comfortable with them! or need a higher cheek piece to feel like they want!

call this food for thought, NT trying to confuse you, just asking if you know/have considered these things

all the lines of the scope you listed are Higher end scopes and all should be very GOOD scopes and a HUGE upgrade from what you have now !
so not really a bad one there, I personally would shy away from the last one, just due to not as proven IMO as the rest there!
will they be there down the road or here today and gone some time later on<??
it happens in optic companys!

a key thing to remember in optic's such as scopes, is it NOT all about the glass, the internals are VERY important, and how accurately they hold a zero and return to a zero is a BIG part of a scope, and this is where a LOT of the price tag comes from(along with glass)
but all the high end glass, will never matter if things don't hold there own else where
good honest scope reviews done by REAL professionals are far and few
but there are some out there if you look
and they do them off rest and rifles and use standard procedures to test how well a scopes adjustments work and how accurately they move things and return things
Outdoor life was one magazine that used to do good tests every yr on a BUNCH of scopes of all sizes and price ranges! been two yrs or so since I last subscribed to there mag, but maybe others still do and or there online now??
be worth maybe looking into!

hope I didn;t confuse you more, just trying to offer honest information so you can make the best choice possible
let us know what you end up with! too
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Old 03-14-2019, 08:34 PM
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It sounds like your budget has expanded.
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Hey My Friends,
Well, I've looked and have had a hard time putting hands on some of the scopes I've been drawn to but this one is very clear but not sure I want pull the plug on the others so I need your opinions of this scope for hunting and some(if any) longer range shooting.
It's a Sightron Siii 6-24x50(UPC #793139251268) = $691.98 I think it's a good deal but I know it's more of a range scope so would it make it in the jungle LOL.
Mr. BB and of course elkman what are your pros and cons of this one for now???
Thanks for your advise in advance from all responding to this.
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OK again take all this with a grain of salt, I mean well here!
first thing I have to ask is based on me doing a quick search on the model your looking at!
and there are TWO things I have found that maybe you need to consider here
FIRST off, is this a NEW 2019 model with the return to zero stop on it or NOT?
and I am asking as this is basically a important option to have on this type of scope, and MOST all I found with it, are costing a BUNCH more than the price your listing, which then makes me think this is a older stock scope that DOESN"T have this feature on it
IT CAN be added and will cost about 160-200 bucks with shipping to have it added!
NOW< again, I HAVE to ask you this
are you really ready and willing to learn how to make long range shots , making scope corrections in the field for each shot past your desired zero?(say you sight in at a 100 yards, do you plan to make scope adjustments as shots get farther, 200-300-400-500 yards and yardage in between?) and then returning things BACK to zero after doing so for each shot!

as this is what this the of scope is more or less designed for, and honestly, for more folks that are shooting Farther, where things matter more?

OR do you more or less want a more simple design set up?
like a SINGLE dial , on the scope that is SET for your 100-200-300-400-500 yard shots(and 50 yrds in between them as well)

as if this is more or less what you want, the scope you have NOW, is NOT the scope for you

the above scope is a VERY nice scope, with many fans that love it, ONCE they got the return to zero feature added
without it, most are not as happy with it, when so many others have this option!

PRO"S real fast, good warranty, good decent glass, and good reliable adjustments and seem to hold true and last long, in repeated adjustments!
its a 30 mm tube, which is a pretty strong set up, and durable design, and you got a LOT of magnification options to help you see better afar!

CON"S > its a rather heavy scope, if you walk far and carry it, you will FEEL it as distances go by, more so for some than others!
,the 50 mm objective lens, and 30 mm tube, tends to mean the scope has to be mounted HIGHER than many find comfortable for a HUNTING rifle they walk with and shoot off hand at times with
, many rifles scopes like this go on tend to have higher check pieces or adjustable one's on there stocks! again take this with a grain of salt, some are FINE AS is, some are NOT, 'just pointing out things here so you know ahead of time!

its also NOT really designed for folks that DON"T wish to learn how to use all the features the scope has, and or those NOT willing to learn ballistic of there rifles caliber and loads they shoot thru it!
as making IN field adjustments, also tends to mean you also NEED to have a very accurate range find with you so you KNOW what and how to adjust for distance!
DO you have a GOOD range finder??(you will NEED one with any scope when shooting far so this is a just more info maybe you didn;t think about I am adding here, as guessing distance is NOT what this scope is designed for!)
for ME< any scope over 20 power I start to get more issues with mirage, and so do a lot of distance shooters, so a SLIGHT con, due to the fact you can adjust lower if it bothers you here

LAST con, for me will be the 6 power Min power setting, if you ever hunt thick cover or take more close shots, MANY find it harder to see game on 6 power than a scope of lower setting option, say 3 or 4 power?
and higher the power the FASTER it looses LOW light ability's
this again DOESN"T matter to some, much comes down to experience level and how far your typical shots are. and how and where you hunt!

to be clear, again this in a very nice high quality scope

BUT from all I can get here, I still think you might be better off with something more along the lines of what I suggested ( and I am NOT pushing it or a know it all)
but a good vari x 3 or better scope from leupold with there more simple CDL scope set up to YOUR rifle and caliber/load
might make your life a LOT easier for the more rare longer shots you MIGHT take
just an opinion and a honest one at it, trying to help you here, NOT sell you anything LOL
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Old 03-20-2019, 02:21 PM
Nontypical Buck
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here is also a decent link to for you to read on this scope if you care some what of a review

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