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Course management for national shoots

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Course management for national shoots

Old 03-30-2003, 02:26 PM
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Default Course management for national shoots

I was just curious if the IBO was going to keep the same course difficulty for national level shoots similar to what they did last year? I believe it was referred to as course managment, correct me if i am wrong. It got a thumbs up from me.
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Old 03-31-2003, 08:19 AM
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Default RE: Course management for national shoots

I just returned from the 2nd leg of the Southern TC and I thought the course was moderate to hard. There was alot of 30 and in shot' s about 15 or so, but boy did they work about 6 or 7 47yd plus shots in and all on deer size animals not elk or buffalo' s. You had about 10 or 12 really tough shots that could make or break you. I shot a 381 with 18 11' s and one big fat zero ( I could not believe that target was 50 yards). 3 turkey shots 2 of which were tough. The wind on Sunday down there was about 20mph and tough to shoot in. Cold and windy combined with an open and challenging course equals problems.
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Old 03-31-2003, 12:35 PM
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Default RE: Course management for national shoots

i like the way the ibo is setting the ranges now. instead of a 40 target beating there is now a great variety. i shot the rome ga shoot as well, and the host club along with ken did a great job on the ranges (A & B). there were few times the yardages were similar from shot to shot, meaning you always had to move your sight, in and out, and use of terrain to trick you was very evident.
the wind on sunday was tough, but with enough patience i was able to finish with only a few of those " how did that get over there" shots.

the ibo director of weather did a fine job on the weekends shoots, although he played with us a little on saturday with the hint of rain, and it wouldnt be an ibo shoot as of late without rain, i did manage to find one raindrop on my lens on saturday, but the group as a whole was not in agreement that it qualitied as an actual rain event, so i got over ruled, no rain. i still think it was a rain drop though...........
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Old 03-31-2003, 04:21 PM
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Default RE: Course management for national shoots

Keith ,
You must have got a late start Saturday . My group was one of the first to shoot A & B range and we got soaked .
It had stopped raining by the time we got to C & D . I thought the Rome shoot had some long shots , but Alabama was alot tougher for me on the yardage estimation.
I was glad to see they didn' t quarter the targets like Alabama . The only problem I saw was alot of the targets on A & B couldnt be approched while the next target was being shot . It looked like the worst one was the bear with his head in the barrel ,that ram was very close to being in line with the bear .
Other than that I thought it went pretty smooth , and If I go to a southern shoot next year I will take Georgia over Alabama for sure .
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Old 03-31-2003, 10:22 PM
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Default RE: Course management for national shoots

scott you are correct about the late start. we had some folks drive in from ny and pa to shoot with us, and they did not make it in until 5am on sat. they slept for a few hours and then off and running. we started about 1pm on A and finished by 430. the others in our group lost thier legs so we finished on sunday. a little windy, but dry. sorry to hear of your unplanned bath on saturday.
seems as though the ibo had great weather for a number of years until last year. i got rained on at every event last year. payback for sure.
i think i may try to shoot the southern triple crown next year. the rome bunch sure did a good job, but you are right, there were a few targets that needed a little caution, but not enough shooters on the range to cause any problems for us. we did as you did, just let folks do their thing and use a little common sense when shooting and pulling while we were in some of the tight spots. no real problems other than that.
i got tricked a time or two on yardage. the antalope on b was pretty tough for me to judge, i shot 43 yards at it and saved a low eight. very well set range, but not to tough so everyone could shoot and have a good time.
i may email mckenzie and see if they will replace the turkey targets with emu' s and osteriches......... dont see that happening though. wishful thinking.......
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Old 04-01-2003, 04:15 AM
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Default RE: Course management for national shoots

Keith ,
I was lucky enough to watch the group in front of us shoot the antelope . They had 2 shoot under it and one hit it about half way up the leg . That made me spend a little extra time on the yardage .
I thought the tricky shots were the alligator on A & B , the med grazing deer up the hill on C & D , the gobbling turkey on C & D , and the long javalina shot toward the end .
Actually I thought there were plenty of tricky shots , but what killed me was not picking up 11' s on the short ones . I usually shoot 10 - 14 x' s but for whatever reason I just could not hit them and only caught 4 .
Had a good time though
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Old 04-01-2003, 06:55 AM
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Default RE: Course management for national shoots

I like to see the course set up with yardages in all ranges. 10 targets in the 20' s, 10 targets in the 30' s and 10 targets in the 40' s....the other 10 thrown in where you like. Make us change our sights, unless you are going from a large animal to a small animal at the same distance.
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Old 04-02-2003, 01:16 PM
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Default RE: Course management for national shoots

scott i also watched a group shoot the antelope, but didnt quite catch on. i figured they were shooting it for 40 yards and falling short, so i put a little extra on for good measure, but my measuring stick was a little short.
the gator on a was mean............i shot a five, but got the yardage, just shot him in the meaty part of the leg just left of the 10. definately no mans land there. the line goes up and over the leg.
i managed 3 fives, one on the gator, one on the 19th shot on b, the javalina, left again, and the puking turkey on b. i shot 34 yards at the turkey, but no cigar. i had a hard time holding on him and should have let down, but the yardage was a little short anyway, but could have saved an 8.
i am looking forward to the national triple crown. they are always good shoots and one could be very humbled by nelsonville if he is not careful.......
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Old 04-03-2003, 08:08 AM
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Default RE: Course management for national shoots

Variety is the spice of life.
Dan Hart spent a lot of time on these ranges in Rome. It has been fun working with him.
Here are some insights. Every shooter sees a different type of shot as difficult. Some shoot better on long shots. Some like short course. Some hate up hill shots. Some love em. Open shots are tough on some people. Tunnels for others.
I want to show you all of them, on each range combination. Targets set at distances that are out of a comfort range.
Gene came up with this program a couple years ago and we are trying to incorporate this at all national level events. Not such a long average but a lot of curiosity.
Think of it this way, if you think your sight is not going to be moved from one target to the next, hm-m-m. Better look again.
But then again with that in mind, it might be fun just to do it that way.
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